Thoughts when you’re pregnant AGAIN

Having another child is a whole new and different experience especially when their ages are so close like our babies like ours. When a woman becomes pregnant again, her thoughts multiply by the hour. I just found out with my second pregnancy that all pregnancies differ from person to person and from one kid to another.

Second time moms, do/ did you feel the same?


  1. Can I do another pregnancy test, just want to be sure… and another… and another – It’s just that you’ll feel really sure when your doctor says there’s life in your tummy.
  2. Another heaven-sent. Thank you Lord!
  3. How about child #1?– In our case, I worried about the time my first born will need from me given that we have another baby already. This means I can’t carry her that much and how about teaching her how to walk and other physical things?
  4. When did this happen? – no explanation needed !
  5. Goodbye sleep forever – Since I got pregnant last June 2014, I think never had a lot of sleep.
  6. I still have my baby weight.. how big will I be? – Since my pregnancy are close apart and I still had a little of the baby weight.
  7. Need to bring out those big clothes again.. what if I need bigger ones?
  8. No Coffee and alcoholic beverages again
  9. See you later salad, sashimi
  10. What will others say – You’ll think about how happy others will be for you and how exciting it will be for everyone- guessing the gender, who the baby will look like, suggesting names, etc.
  11. Pregnancy will be easier – Since this is the second pregnancy, many women think tat everything will be easier. True not because it is sometimes, but because women are more confident and know what will happen each step of the way. But take note that not all pregnancies are the same.
  12. Bye exercise plans – Bye for intense exercises and running around with your little kid/s.
  13. That’s why I’m always hungry (excuse for my bigger appetite than usual) 
  14. Back to newborn – Back to basic, baby in “sleep-eat-poop” mode, newborn breath and smell (the best!)
  15. Priority and more help when I go out in public places – Pregnancy priorities like parking, no lines in banks, etc.
  16. An excuse for being grumpy and unreasonable – hahaha!
  17. I’ll be taken cared of with extra care again – People assist you like you shouldn’t be standing up for a long time, no walking for a long time, etc. But pregnant women should actually move around.
  18. Hair fall again, oh no 
  19. Since I’m still breastfeeding child #1, what will happen now? – I had to stop breastfeeding my eldest at 7-9 months to give way to our 2nd child. Some continue to breastfeed but some need to stop because of contractions.
  20. Do I want a boy or a girl? – Cliche answer is “any, as long as the baby is healthy” but trust me, parents mean this. Health is indeed wealth and gold these days.
  21. More doctor visits – back to more OB and Pedia visits
  22. I hope pregnancy will be the same or even easier. Dreading the first and last trimester
  23. Pre-natal meds everyday 
  24. Bye nice underwear
  25. Healthy eating for baby again
  26. The idea of having an eldest and youngest child make me so giddy
  27. Child #1 will have a playmate already
  28. They’ll be like twins – Since our 2 kids are 1 year apart
  29. How will this baby look like – Trust me, it’s hard to tell for some until their a little bigger. But some show who they look like early on. It’s amazing how genes create a person who’s a mixture of their parents.
  30. (In the Philippines) Do I need another yaya / nanny? – This depends if you’re a full time mom or a working mom. Some full time moms don’t get nannies.
  31. (If normal delivery) I hope I don’t get A cesarean delivery
  32. Gonna wear Breastfeeding- friendly clothes again for a long timetime
  33. What else do I need to buy for this new baby?
  34. Baptism and first birthday again , yey!
  35. This is going to be easy or easier?
  36. How do I tell our first child?

Moms and dads, don’t overthink. Just enjoy the ride even though it’s hard to especially when you have aches and pains all over your body every now and then. There’s nothing like another blessing and being parents again to a new baby.

Love is not divided, it simply multiplied.

“Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences”


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