Hospital Bag Checklists for Mom & Baby

Now that I’ve experienced giving birth already, I’m sharing a couple of things to make moms’ lives easier when packing the stuff to bring in the hospital. Make sure mommy’s bag and baby’s bag are ready when pregnancy is at 35th week or 8 months.

I prepared and brought so much in the hospital when I gave birth for the first time last year. Now with my 2nd childbirth soon, I promise to only pack what we really need.

Here are the checklists to help you pack for mom, dad, and baby. I will give birth in Makati Medical Center. These are based on what the hospital can provide and cannot.

Remember to use a bag that easy to put in and find stuff in so when you need other people’s help on your stuff, you don’t need to give so much complicated instructions. Choose a hospital bag that suits your needs and preference.

Mom’s Checklist


  1. Medical records, other health related foms and documents – Philhealth forms, bring tests and ultrasounds of the baby for reference and health records.
  2. Cameras, cellphone, chargers, and important contact numbers – write also in a small paper or notebook the important contact numbers of those you want to contact after you give birth or while you’re in labor.
  3. IDs – bring your identification cards with photo just in case you’ll need it in the hospital or any health-related requirements for Philhealth or other healthy companies you’ll be using.
  4. Financial matters stuff – money, ATM card/s, credit card/s
  5. Robe – my hospital has this already and they’re clean so I use these and change twice a day. But if you prefer to bring your own, go ahead!
  6. Socks– hospitals are usually cold especially in the labor rooms and recovery rooms. You may want to bring a few pairs.
  7. Slippers– the hospital provides but if you want your own, feel free to bring too.
  8. Eyeglasses  (if you’re wearing one)- if  you’re wearing contact lens, this is the time that you might find it harder to put and fix. So better to bring eyeglass instead.
  9. Underwear– Maternity bras of course with nursing pads and underwear. I bought disposable underwear’s so I don’t have to worry how to put them or wash them at once if they got stained (stains are inevitable!).
  10. Maternity pads and bed pad – I brought 4 pcs of the bed pad and 1-2 packs of the maternity pads so that I don’t need to get from the hospital. This became cheaper instead of the hospital providing for you although in my hospital, a pack of maternity pads is included in the maternity package.
  11. Baby book – or just the page where the nursery staff will put the hand and foot prints of your baby.
  12. Going home outfit – bring comfortable clothes because you won’t deflate in a day or two. Wear comfortable flats too.
  13. Toiletries – the hospital provides but if you have your own products and rituals, bring them!
  14. Relaxation stuff – bring whatever relaxes you for labor and after (well, as if you’ll have time after you give birth 😉 ) like iPad, music (bring earphones),  or reading materials.

Baby’s Checklist: 


  1. Booties
  2. Mittens
  3. Bonnet
  4. feeding bottles – in case you’ll need to feed the baby formula milk. But of course, breast milk is still best for babies!
  5. Breast pump – in case you have so much extra milk so you can start collecting and storing them and prevent engorgement.
  6. Going home outfit of the baby
  7. baby blanket / swaddle
  8. bodysuits or clothes with ties on the sides
  9. car seat or baby carrier (for going home)
  10. muslin cloths / cloth diapers

*** Makati Medical Center (hospital where I will give birth) provides a complete newborn baby kit with baby diapers, baby soap, and a few sponsors for the baby bonnets and other products in the kit. Everything that they will use for the baby will be from that baby kit. You may ask your hospital what they can provide so you don’t pack a lot.

Keep your bag simple. Do not overpack. Do not panic and be prepared early. Make sure your bags are ready to be grabbed or you can already put them in a car that you always use. If you’ll delivery normally or if it’s your first baby, you really do not know when your exact due date is so it’s best to be always ready.

Good luck moms and dads! THE DAY will be coming soon and may you be emotionally and physically ready for sleepless nights with the newborn and of course, happy days ahead!

Pack light and only the essentials. Go now and make memories mommies and daddies! 🙂

Have a safe delivery!


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