Our baby no.2 has a name! The Love for Meaningful Names

The world love names and their meanings. We all know what our names mean and where they came from. We even have nicknames which may have a different meaning from our names.

We give names even to our cars, our favorite things, and our pets. We even love name-calling to tease or compliment others. We have pet names for our loved ones. We remember everything through names through brands, names of the streets, names of the buildings,names of our teachers, and friends.

Everywhere you look, names give identity and personality to those who carry them. Do you know what your name means and its etymology?

I just know a little about my name, the name of my husband, and name of my children but when I read about it, it uncovered a few more lovely meanings.

My name is so common in the Philippines but it has a beautiful meaning:


My husband’s name is of Italian origin just like our kids’ names are:


Our first born’s name is from St. Francis and St. Paul but it has another meaning too:


Our baby boy in my tummy also has a name already! 🙂 The doctor said we’re very very sure now that it’s a boy! We can’t wait to hug you little Matt! 🙂


The meaningful names give us a sense of pride. Knowing the meaning of our names somewhat gives that additional dose of happiness and completeness. We relate ourselves to the saints we are named after and or the meaning it carries.

Parents sometimes name their children after themselves, through their celeberity idols, or elders.

Whatever the meanings or history our name carries, at the end of the day, we will be the one to fill in what our name’s identity is. We have our own identity and we carry it anywhere. We are one and unique in this universe. You make your own identity and is responsible for your own self all the time.


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