Love Letter to my First Born on the Eve of Her Birthday



My Dear Little Love,

I’m writing this love letter on the eve of your birthday. I will write a letter to you every year and I promise you that.

A year ago these things happened:

1. I heard the loveliest cry in the whole universe as I gave birth to you.

2. We announced to the world that you were born.

3. We couldn’t take our eyes and thoughts off you.

4. I couldn’t stop thanking God (until now and forever) for such a wonderful blessing.

5. We became 3.

6. My breastfeeding journey and bonding with you started.

7. I held you in my arms for the first time.

8. The 17-hour labor was your sweet way to see Mommy and Daddy for hugs and kisses. It was the sweetest pain I’ve ever felt.

9. You brought so much excitement and smiles to a lot of people.

The list can go on and on. The moment you were born, I felt so complete and contented with everything. I felt the love from everyone around me. I knew the best thing happened to us. We knew what love really meant and we understood the responsibility given to us – to take care and raise you in the best way we can.

So much happened the past year. We had so much adventures together and I’ll tell you about it when you’re big enough to smile and laugh with me about them. You gave new meaning to our days and our lives. We will have more adventures together especially that your baby brother is coming really soon. You’ll have a playmate and someone to take care of until you grow old. Always love your baby brother Matt and look after him too okay? 🙂

From a 6 pound baby, you grew to be a healthy chunky baby who can do so many things in advance every month. Don’t rush to grow up my baby. Now you can do so many things! You laugh with us, walk with us, and even listen to our conversations and as if you want to talk about stuff with us too. You always wake up with a smile for a year now. I love your cheerful disposition everydayand it’s contagious! You try to sing with us when we sing for you too. 🙂

I wish for you greater things and happiness. Just like the laughs and happiness you give everyone around you. Always remember that we love you so much! We will be here to support you and hold your hand even when you grow up and become an adult of course. I wish for you to have a loving and giving heart who loves God above all else.

Every month, your daddy and me observes you and captures every little thing you can do. I take dozens and hundreds of pictures of you and you smile every time and it melts my heart. I gathered all the monthly milestones and pictures of you. Oh my you’ve grown!

We will teach you so many wonderful things and one is the value and happiness in the little and simple things in life and that God and family matters more than anything material in this fast-paced world.

Every single night I thank God for choosing me to be your mom. Motherhood is challenging and not easy but I did my best for you everyday and I still do. I thank God for motherhood everyday along with the challenges it brings! Your dad and me will be here to guide you as you grow into the Godly woman, big sister, daughter, and friend I pray you’ll become.

Let’s have more fun today with lots of hugs and kisses too! 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little girl! I love you with all my heart and all my soul!


Mom /Mommy

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