Let’s Get Comfy

As I was trying on some of my shoes that I kept during the days that I was pregnant (oh, let’s say years 😉 ), I realized I have 3 good shoes that kept me comfortable during the entire pregnancy when I use them when we go out of the house.

Since my feet got half an inch bigger in my first pregnancy, chubbier, and swollen, I kept the others with heels and those that don’t fit in the mean time.

Here are the best comfortable casual / laid back kicks I’m using and I plan to use  until they give up on me 😉 Sometimes, we give importance on how shoes look like to others even if they do not provide comfort and protection that shoes should be giving us. These are some of my highly recommended stylish and feel-good shoes you can match with your casual clothes.

These comfortable, casual shoes also takes me back to college when casual was something we wore daily but also corporate formal on many days too. Good times.



These comfortable and fun shoes are from Argentina. I love how lightweight it is and how nice the designs are. It’s easy to wash when they get dirty. Simple hang them to dry after cleaning. Here are details on how to wash your Paez pair.

They have designs for women, men, and even for kids and they’re so cute. I’m buying my kids one soon! Maybe a family design for all of us too!

More on Paez here: http://www.paezphilippines.com

Facebook: here

Instagram: here 



I love Tom’s mission vision to help and give back. Their “One for One” tagline means when one person buys their shoes, one person will be helped. This is how they help people with our purchase – more here. It feels good to patronize companies who exist with a cause.

It is one comfortable and durable shoes too. It may be a bit pricey over the other shoes of its kind but its durability and where the proceeds will go is worth it. I super love their designs too!

More on Toms here: http://www.toms.com

Facebook: here

Instagram: here


Huarache Flip design

Crocs will be forever useful to most of us. They’re all weather shoes that became more and more stylish through the years. They started with basic styles but now they have for the fashion conscious too.

Got mine for comfort, for rainy season, and stylish design it brings. You may use them everyday – at home, when going out on casual trips, beach trips, and others. I wear this with skirts, shorts, pants, and dresses. Make sure your toenails and feet are clean. Ugly feet will not give justice to any kind of shoes even if they are expensive 😉

More on Toms here: http://www.crocs.com

Facebook: here

Instagram: here

“Give the girl the right shoes,

and she can conquer the world.”

– Marilyn Monroe

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