Preggy style

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to let go of that stylish you! Although being pregnant (not to mention the all hormonal and emotional changes going on in your body and mind) makes you feel lazy and tired, doesn’t mean you look ugly then just give up on fixing yourself.

Fixing doesn’t have to mean being fully made up. Just keep yourself simple, clean, and dress with style (not what’s in and fashionable). Style is forever and we have our own tastes so it doesn’t mean you have to follow any magazine style or trends. Just be yourself.

Of course, being pregnant doesn’t also mean you’re disabled. Pregnant women just needs extra care and help in some things that are physically hard to do. You should know what’s proper for pregnant women to wear- decent and comfortable clothes are best. I don’t think revealing clothes are nice on preggies. Cover up with style.

Take a peek into the Pinterest board I created for my style (may not be your style though) but a little new stuff won’t hurt right? I keep updating this board so feel free to look again and again. ENJOY!

PREGNANT FASHION Pinterest board by Tina Talks – or try this link if this one doesn’t work on your browser:





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