First time parents

When you become a mom or a dad, you have divided time for yourself, your baby, and your partner since you have another life to take care of and think about.

Life as a couple when we didn’t have kids was very much different. We had so much time to do anything we want at anytime we want and go anywhere we want. Of course, we can still do that today. But with a kid in mind and we want to bring along, we pick places that are baby-friendly so we can be complete as a family when we go out.

Date nights were ever night back then. Now, date night equals the 3 of us- which is actually fun and new for us. Now as parents, we appreciate each other more and the moments and conversations we have together. A stolen coffee moment seem to be so meaningful now. It’s different yes, it’s even better.


Now, all wants take a back seat and prioritize the needs first and home stuff. I’ve always enjoyed fixing the home but it took another meaning with a kid onboard. I’d like things to be strategically fixed and organized.

Everyday, I stop and look around to see what can be organized, what’s not, and what is organized. Moms and Dads become skilled in foreseeing things – like what accident can possibly happen when the baby is left in the playpen with a solid toy, when the baby sleeps in a certain position and the fear of SID (sudden infant death) sinks in, and many more.

Every chore and every little thing that happens with the baby is a milestone and is a memory captured on camera. Everything takes on new bigger meaning. All firsts are documented and remembered- the first Christmas, first New Year, first step, first tooth, first time to go to the mall, first shout, first laughter, first smile, first swim, first of everything.

Becoming a mom / dad, make you witness life’s created miracles – from conception to birth to child development and growth. It’s a wonderful journey and challenge that we are so blessed and thankful to take and accept.

Becoming a mom and dad doesn’t stop when they grow old, it’s forever even when they have families of their own.

Happy parenting journey everyone!




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