Baby walking shoes

Our baby’s now 10 months old. She loves to walk and walk around (assisted) and explore her surroundings. She has so much energy for these things now. We bought a couple of cloth shoes with rubber soles but she kept removing them and they end up having holes and are easily removed from her feet while walking.

We decided to look for “real” shoes for her since she uses them everyday. We went to 2 other branded shops for comfortable baby shoes (these brands are known for their comfy everyday shoes) but they all end up getting off her feet when she walks. We tried Adidas and tada!

She has her size (of course, always with a little allowance for growth spurts)! She wore it going out of the shop. Good that it was on sale so we got a good discount.


It’s worth budgeting a bit more for some stuff that are useful and will be needed by your kids everyday. If you buy cheaper ones sometimes, they end up being broken and sometimes you end up buying more so in total, you’ll spend more.

Now, she loves it and I’m sure with her shoes being a “real” rubber shoes, it’s so comfortable walking now for her. It matches even her dresses.

Loving these rubber shoes for toddlers, Adidas with Ortholite soles!



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