Chunky Chewelries: Safely Stylish

Chewelries! This time I can go accessory twinning with my kids! Chunky Chewelries is certainly our top choice for teethers (and mom accessories in on) for our kids. They bring happy feelings when you simply look at them, agree?

I’ve seen how stressful it is for babies to go through teething and I’ve also felt how it’s like to be stressed with them- 2 years, 2 babies, and 2 teething journeys. Every experience is double the fun and we feel like we have twins more and more each day as they learn how to play and interact more with each other.


If you want to know more about teething you can check it here and here.

Our eldest (Chesca) had a few of her teeth when she was 6 months and was almost complete when she celebrated her first birthday. She had her teethers always around her and one teether that stood out fron the redt is her chewelry from Chunky Chewelries. I chanced upon this online and ordered. I love how simple and stylish they look. It is a safe teether that I could always bring around, easy to clean, and I can also wear it as an accessory. I love products with more than one use or purpose. Trust us, it’s durable too. Our baby boy is still using his big sister’s from 2015 and it’s his favorite!

What is Chunky Chewelries?

It is a Philippine-based company selling teethings products for babies that are safe and at the same time can serve as accessories to moms. Their best sellers are their necklaces. Out of passion and her gift of creativity and eye for style and details, Rachel Puno opened Chunlky Chewelries’s for business in 2015 offering quality teethers. Being a mom herself gave her the inspiration to create more elegant designs and keep offering new products regularly.

Why is it good for babies? 

The chewelries are made of silicone beads. These beads are BPA free, non toxic, does not contain lead, phthalate, cadmium, not coated with colors but tinted with food grade colorings. They use a thick satin cord making it impossible for babies to break it (I can vouch that the cord is really strong and doesn’t break), and the breakaway clasp is designed to simply break away when pulled apart – it’s a safety feature for the little ones not to get strangled. The beads are soft in texture and really helps babies during their teething stage when their gums are all sore, painful, and itchy. The chewelry also helps babies to focus on feeding, develop eye and hand coordination, and aid develop hand muscles.

Functionality and designs

Chunky Chewelries stands out because of its classy, fun, simple yet chic designs and colors. They now have teething clips available that are more suited for boys use. There are shaped pendants that help reach the molars of the babies when it starts to come out.

The chewelries are now used by so many-  babies, toddlers, teens, corporate fashionistas, accessory lovers, moms and breastfeeding moms, even chic grandmas. Designing process is simple. Rachel makes new designs based on her preference and makes them available to the market. The packaging is cute and unique too!

As busy people, we sometimes tend to loose time for ourselves. This is mostly true for moms. The time prepare is less since the little ones need time and attention too so the tendency is to wear whatever is easy, plain, and fast. Wearing a lovely accessory like those from Chunky Chewelries will perk your outfits and even help everyone feel good on the outside too.

How to use and wear these chewelries

For teething babies: Put the chewelry in a clean container and put them in the rerigerator to keep it cold so when yir baby uses it to chew on the cold will aid soothe their aching gums. We even put them in the freezer and our babies love it.

For adults (as an accessory): Rachel recommends to wear them on top of a plain top, jeans or shorts, accessorized with a dainty stud earring or pearls, a tied hair, then any comfy footwear of your choice.

Check their designs and own a chewelry now!

Sharing a few of my other favorites. Aren’t they cute?


Instagram: Chunky Chewelries

Instagram for product viewing: @chunkychewelries_catalogue

It’s best to contact them via direct message in Instagram


Facebook: ChunkyChewelriesManila

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen”


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