2017 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & A Special Way to Give Back

Another yearly celebration coming up! – Mother’s Day. This day had more meaning to me since I conceived our first child in July 2014. And not it’s my 3rd Mom’s day! I can still count it since we’re new parents. Being a mom is more than carrying and giving birth to a child, it’s how unconditional love is manifested from conception to forever. Being a mom is not just about how you carried life inside of you, it’s how one can act as a mother to other people too. But really, I can go on and on describing motherhood but no words can express how motherhood can be. It is filled witj so much overflowing love.  The word “mother” means more to me now and all the more I appreciate my mom and all moms around the world.

Motherhood is about the little wonderful things like having no sleep, looking so haggard and having no time to fix yourself for your kids, it’s the endless playtime and play pretend times, it’s the endless hunt for good products for your children, it’s about always thinking about your children day and night. It’s being silly, having fun, going crazy, singing and dancing to the tune of all the nursery thymes there could possibly be. The journey is endless and the fun never stops. But of course, reality is that motherhood is tough- pushing one to the limits in terms of patience or physical tiredness. It’s also exhausting to the point of burn out. It’s normal mommas, just breathe and close your eyes. Everything will get better. There are tough days, there are good days. Being a mom defined the best of me, molded me into a person I never though I could be, made me all the more selfless in everything I do, and made me understand life in a whole new perspective.

On the upcoming special day for moms, let’s give a little something for our moms, aunts, friends, and family members who are moms as a small token of appreciation for everything they did as moms. It doesn’t need to be expensive, luxurious, or grand. A simple gesture means a lot and it’s always the thought that should count.

Sharing my list of the best gift ideas that I also personally like to give to other moms. You might get some ideas on the gifts you will be giving.

1. Bouquet

This is such a classic gift but never goes out of style. Have you ever wondered why women love getting flowers? It’s not often that you get flowers arranged for you so receiving flowers always mean that it’s a special day for a special person. It also touches the feminine side of women for it brings some romantic aura with it. It is also a way to express your feeling towards another person- like pink flowers mean gratitude and white flowers mean loyalty and purity, etc. But note that some prefer to get something else other than a carefully-picked flowers as gifts.

Here are some good flower choices:


  • Roses – Pink roses is a good gift for mom. It usually signifies grace, elegance, and appreciation.
  • Lilacs – This flower means new love and signifies the love between a mother and her child.
  • Orchids – symbolizes refinement and beauty.
  • Carnations – is a symbol of a mother’s eternal love. Usually pink and white carnations are popular on mom’s day.
  • Tulips – these are lovely flowers that symbolize spring, charity, and life.

*** Still best to buy from  flower wholesalers or Dangwa if you can or there are so many online delivery services too.

But don’t limit yourself to giving bouquet of flowers nor to their symbolisms. You can be creative and fix other types of bouquets like -chocolates, fruits, stuffed animals , mom’s favorite food and anything you wish to give that can be arranged as a bouquet. This is flexible to your budget. Anything DIY is really sweet and trust me, you can do this easily.

Images from: FlowerAura, GC Gift Boxes and Hampers, The Unique Gift Store LTD, Fruiquet Philippines, 

2. Spa Treat


Some moms do this regularly while some barely have the luxury of time or budget. There are many options for this from the expensive to budget spa packages. This is a good gift for mom since all moms deserve a sweet quick break from her busy domesticated and work life. You can do a spa date which is a good way to bond too. Watch out for Spa package promos and mom treats on Mother’ Day. I personally like The Spa, Chi Spa (Edsa Shangrila), Le Spa (Sofitel), Neo Day Spa (Fort Taguig City), Willow Stream Spa (Fairmont Hotel Makati).

3. Salon Treat


Give mom a salon day and for sure she’ll love it! Haircut, hair treatment, and nail service will relax her in ways only women will understand. Like the spa treat, this can be a salon bonding date with your mom too. Moms will feel refreshed after your salon pampering day. Reserve in advance so mom feels extra special too and you’re sure that there’s something you’ll do on this day. I like going to Fix by Alex Carbonel in Greenbelt 5 for several years now or Basement Salon in Powerplant Mall.

4. Good dining experience


Let’s face it, food and more food are elements of any joyous celebration. Take mom to a new place she will like or her favorite dining place. Take the whole family too or you can do a mother-daughter or mother-son date.

You can also prepare a special lunch or dinner at home. You can make it breakfast too if schedules are tight.. Make everything with personal touch; it’s only once a year.

5. Movie Night


Have movie date night with mom whether in the cinemas or at home. Movie marathon night at home is actually a good and sweet idea. Ask mom what she wants to watch in advance and prepare the movies. On mom’s day, make her relax the whole night and serve a good dinner and dessert. Don’t forget movie snacks too! This is a unique and special way to celebrate mom’s day but trust me memories are so precious.

Tip: If you want her to choose a movie on the spot, prepare your Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, or Android TV and purchase or rent your movie choices on the spot. This is always useful especially now that our little girl is also starting to watch movies. 

6. Jewelry / Accessories

Moms will surely love this. Give her a timless piece like pearls, silver, gold or diamonds. You can ask your sibling or dad to share the gift with you too. I’m not a fan of all the trends since they most of the time goes out of style. But I noticed a cute style from Pandora bracelets. The charms are precious and they can tell the story of your life.

7. Cake or sweets


Celebrations always have cakes or a good dessert! From homemade ones to specialty cakes. It’s the prescence of sweet elements in important occassions that make it sweeter and always end on a happy note. As always, we love the ones from Costa Brava for homemade goodness cakes and for quick good ones you can grab one from Conti’s too!

8. Personally made stuff

Made our latest photobook for the last 2 months

Card, photobook, diy basket of goodies and treats. These are some of the many possible personalized gifts you can give moms. I just finished all the photobooks for mom’s day. We made our gifts personalized this year. It’s so easy and you can do it on the side of all the stuff you do for the day. I love how Photobook  Worldwide / Philippines execute the photobooks I make. They are very efficient and on time. There’s a 7-day window after you submit your order.

A handwritten note or letter for mom could touch her in more ways than one. Buy a good stationary or card and write your heart out to your mom and other moms.

9. A day off from errands and chores

This is one gift idea that mom will love. For the teens and young adults, takeover and do all mom’s errands and chores. If it’s too much to handle, at last help her or be her personal assistant for a day. Husbands, you can do this! 😊


Notice that I didn’t include clothes, bags, shoes, for the home, and other stuff you can buy everyday. These are suggestions so feel free to be creative, combine, or tweak your precious gifts. But above all, your time and love is the most precious of all things that a mother can receive on Mom’s Day.

As a mom, I am very grateful and blessed to have this oppprtunity to carry life, nurture, and take care of my children everyday. Truly a mom’s love is everlasting and unconditional. Mother’s day are not just for those who became a mom through childbirth but also for those moms who adopted children who loved them unconditionally and for those who act as moms to other people. For me being a mom is a wonderful blessing and this is not my day but my day to give back to those who are motherless and are abandoned by their moms.

This is a great time to give love not just during Christmas and Valentine’s but also during special days of the year like Mother’s day. We can all be mothers to homesless and abandoned babies and kids. Join me as we take this journey of extended motherhood to the world. We all can make a big difference in very simple and small ways.

An orphanage in Manila is currently the home of 108 children from ages 0-6 years old. They are in need of food, supplies, and medicines. Send me an email at tinatanjuatco@gmail.com for more details on how you can donate and know what their needs are. Don’t worry no promos or contests to join to, just charity and love. Everyone is a winner! You’ll receive a simple thank you token after the babies and kids receive your gifts for them.


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