Let’s all be Moms

Thank you for everyone’s support on my previous article on Mom’s Day! Here are the details how you can donate be mothers to orphaned children form White Cross. 


You may donate in 2 ways cash or in kind. There’s no age limit okay? So even kids, teens, adults, seniors can donate and no purchase or additional task to do. It’s a simple act of giving back.


  • Cash – Any amount is very much welcome! (really, even a small amount that you can spare is accepted). You have an option to donate cash and tell us what you want to buy with the amount from the list of children’s needs we will send you or you may opt to donate as cash too. Shoot me an email to get a list of children’s needs here and other details.


  • In Kind – There are 108 children in White Cross today and they have a lot of needs. feel free to donate anything you wish to but it’s also nice to give them their needs. Email me here for the list ad other details.


A special token will be given after the kids receive your gifts. Your donations will be given to the kids personally and we will make sure they will be received. You may also join and visit them. Let me know and we’ll arrange the schedule since they also have a lot of nap times during the day.

WHITE CROSS orphanage sits in the middle of the San Juan City. Not everyone knows that a busy area has a home to those children without mothers. Selfless caregivers take care of babies from newborn to 6 years old in this facility.

This is an opportunity to share our blessings. This campaign is not commercial and is not covered by any media company. It’s a thank you campaign by mothers too those who are motherless and abandoned. You don’t need to be a mother to be like one.

Thank you everyone in advance! Please share this with your friends. We all know that social media is a modern day tool for communication. Let’s maximize this to reach out to other people and spread the love and charity just like how Pope Francis use technology to reach out to the modern day people.

Much Love!


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