What to put in Emergency Bags for Adults & Infants/ Young Kids

I have to admit I did slightly panicked when we felt an earthquake a few weeks or a month ago. I told everyone in the home to head out and go near the fire exit staircase. But we didn’t go down anymore since the earthquake stopped and no one else went out of their homes. Did I overreact or it was a quite a scary (a little) strong earthquake?

When I think about it now, I don’t mind overreacting though since it was for the safety of everyone. The earthquake tested our readiness in times of emergency though and it was surprising that we weren’t ready at all. Although we rushed to save our lives (which is the first priority at all times), we could’ve done better if we were a little prepared.


Here’s our little guide on the practical and essentials we need to prepare in case of emergencies or disasters (lists below). My very generous sister made this for me. This is how sweet she is. So we’re sharing it with everyone too!

Adult Emergency Kit/Bags:

  • 2 pcs. 500 mL bottles of water or 1 pc.1 L bottle of water
  • food (biscuits, chocolates, granola bars, energy bars, etc.)
  • whistle or whistle app for your phone (best if it’s a physical whistle or have both ready)
  • flashlight or flashlight from cellphone (why not have both ready too right?)
  • cash and extra cash
  • powerbank (fully charged)
  • small towel for sweat or handkerchieves
  • blanket (not the bulky ones)
  • jacket (not bulky too)
  • lighter or match
  • wipes (small packs available in drug stores and groceries nationwide) or tissues
  • at least 2 sets of clean clothes and include these- socks and underwear, shorts, shirts)
  • first aid kit (with antiseptic like Betadine and agua oxinada/ hydrogen peroxide) with bandaids and gauze
  • cotton balls
  • alcohol
  • proof of identity (with details like name, address, birthday, husband or wife, parents and their contact numbers)
  • your medications like asthma medicines if needed, allergy medicines, paracetamol
  • cables and charger for phone
  • fan
  • umbrella
  • napkins (for the women)
  • tissue
  • pen & paper
  • small flash light
  • Swiss army knife

Infant- Young Child Emergency Kit/ Bag:

  • 2 pcs. 500 mL bottles of water or 1 1 L bottle of water
  • food (biscuits, chocolates, granola bars, energy bars, etc.)
  • at least 3 bottles of milk (morning, afternoon, night time feedings)
  • at least 5 diapers
  • at least 2 changes of clothes
  • small or medium towel for sweat or handkerchieves
  • wipes and / or tissue
  • proper identification (I’m ______, Child of ______ . Contact numbers of parents and or guardians)

Are ready for emergencies? Sometimes these things seem to be uselessly ready and sometimes you think you can just keep then since you don’t wish using them. Yes, these things happen but I suggest don’t remove them and just be ready. Remember, emergencies and disaster don’t come announced. With the change in climate and unpredictability of everything now, anything can happen. Couple these kits and bags with presence of mind and don’t panic so everything will go smoother than you imagined.

Being ready with your bag is not everything, make a plan in the home and with your loved ones in case mobile phone signals gets cut or you run out of battery. Also, stay informed by reading and keeping yourself in the know on the latest news.

Our best weapon is still prayer and faith. Hope for the best and do your best in all situations you are faced with everyday.


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