Gold Collagen Ampoule Two-Way Pact

I’ve been looking around for a new 2-way foundation powder. There’s nothing wrong with my previous ones but sometimes, I’m just in the mood to try something new. I admit I’m a fan of Korean skincare and makeup products. They match my skin and works well with the weather in the our country. I have combination skin so it’s not so easy to match products but since combination skin is not at all rare nowadays, a lot of products for combination skin types are available the market. So here’s sharing my new found 2-way foundation powder – Gold Collagen Ampoule Two-Way Pact from The Face Shop (I wasn’t ready to try the famous cushion foundation since I handle baby stuff and food most of the time and I just don’t want my bare fingers mixed with chemicals often).

But wait: Some might be wondering what’s an ampoule right? I shared a lipstick review previously on containing collagen ampoule too and here’s the simple definition of an ampoule for some may confuse it with serum and essence- It’s a super serum that contains higher concentrations of its active ingredients to be used for skin repair and restoration. It’s usually applied before the serums and essences.

Product details and claims

  • Contains gold collagen ampoule that consists of gold which gives skin radiance and collagen water which heightens skin elasticity, creating moisturized, luxurious skin radiance just like getting a facial massage.
  • Mixed with blur cover powder that scatters light for light coverage of fine lines, pores etc for fuller looking skin.
  • Comes in apricot beige and natural beige shades
  • SPF 30 PA +++

How to use

Take an appropriate amount with a puff and lightly apply with patting motions on the entire face following the skin texture. Press meticulously on areas with wrinkles or dark spots

The  Verdict

I’m giving this product a 9/10 ! It comes with a mirror and puff applicator which are really important when I buy a face powder and plus it has a plastic separator for the puff so it adds a “neat” effect to it. Packaging is lovely too. It’s a little bulky but I don’t mind. It looks like a high end powder which I think it is since it costs more than Php1,000 but mind you, it does cover pimples and sunspots which I got after childbirth.


When you use these makeup products, you will actually forget the claims and what it contains sometimes. You won’t feel at once that it contains an anti-aging collagen ampoule so I hope in time it will work.

At first you might put so much of this product  on your face out of excitement but you’ll get the hang of it. You don;t have to put and press too hard, it has a thick coverage so a little of it gives you a full effect (depends how much or how dark the spots you will cover). I love how smooth the finish is whether dry or wet. If you want it to last longer, apply it wet of course. It doesn’t feel cakey too.

It’s already SPF 30 PA +++ so you’re covered from the sun’s heat somehow just not total protection from direct heat though.  I got the Natural Beige since I want a little color to balance my really fair skin and it’s perfect! I think I’ll be sticking to this for a long time.

Get yours from The Face Shop store nationwide – click here for more info

Women have two weapons: cosmetics and tears – Coco Chanel


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