Coffee and Deli at its finest at CARTEL

If you’re reading my product reviews and restaurant reviews, you’ll notice how brief I make them and how honest they are. I would like to share those places and products that have touched and caught my attention in more ways than one. Either the products or places I write about have wonderful inspiring stories behind them or we have our own memorable experience with the products or place- thus, they become our favorites not just our random picks.

So here’s another newly opened place I recommend to everyone- CARTEL Coffee and Deli at Salcedo Makati. It’s beside it’s brother place PABLO Bistro . My husband and I had a quick first time date since we became a family of 4. It was a good merienda date.

CARTEL is a combination of a deli and coffee place where they have Holy Carabao Farm organic produce like bananas, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. They also have wines and deli meats by TXANTON, breads, sandwiches, egg station, salads, chocolates by Belge & Co., cookies (tried their cookies and it was really rich, moist, and good!) and coffee by Yardstick Coffee. They also have non-caffeinated drinks. The pastries they offer are by Bonton Bakery whose expertise are good cakes, pies, bread, pastries, quiche (I love quiche!). They have other unique products there too like hard-to-find bread spreads and other partners with great products.

The ambiance will make you forget you’re beside a busy road. Staff is efficient and alert too. If you’re a couple dining here, Php500 is enough for you guys to try a number of pastries and have one drink each. Also, seats are limited to sometimes you have to wait to be seated but the experience is worth the wait. Don’t forget to swing by when you’re at Saucedo Makati.



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