Homemade Roach killer

I’ve been more conscious with the products I use for the home and for myself since we had our first child. It’s not about not exposing the baby to the elements of our environment but I try to eliminate what’s harmful for them. Right now we live in a relatively old building in one of Manila’s central business district. We never wanted to live in this busy city but since me and my husband worked full time a few years back, we had to be in the proximity of where I was working so at least one of us is close to home.

Home now is where I am 24/7 with our 2 little kiddos. My everyday revolves around fixing and making sure the home is clean (one of the many to-do’s). I mentioned we live in an old building so our problem now are roaches. Well, all homes have these, we just don’t know it. There are medium to tiny ones crawling around in our home once a week at least in our living room and almost everyday at night in our bathroom. Such an ugly sight, I know. But the ones in our home are small ones not the big ones on the streets. Regular pest control in the building don’t shoo them away.

Let’s face it, you don’t need to live beside sewers or filthy places to have this problem because they’re everywhere. A little trivia on roaches, they said that these are the only living creature that survived the nuclear bomb before since all they do is hide in small holes underneath the soil. And they multiply sooooo fast!

So I figured, why not use natural and available-in-our-kitchen ingredients to kill these pests? Make sure you keep this away from your dogs or cats or any other pets.


  • 1/2 cup baking soda- this will make the stomach of the roaches burst since they do not pass off gas (they don’t fart or burp)
  • 1/2 cup sugar – said to attract the roaches
  • water

* You may adjust the quantity but make sure the sugar and baking soda are always 50-50 ratio 


  1. Mix baking soda and sugar together. Don’t mix the water.
  2. Put them in small containers and put them in strategic places where you see cockroaches go, stay, or appear.
  3. Put the mixture and water beside each other in separate containers.
  4. The mixture will kill the cockroach when they ingest it because the baking soda will give gas to to the roaches internally and eventually kill them. Sugar attracts the roaches.
  5. Be patient. This will not yield instant results but will take a few days. You may increase the baking soda a little for more strength.


Also, make sure you clean your home. You can’t fully eliminate roaches when you have a dirty, dusty, or cluttered home. They might be attracted to the mess of your home more than the mixture you made to kill them. The recipe above is really easy, simple, and cost-effective. I always root for the affordable and natural products.

“We’re all brave until we realize the cockroach has wings!” 🙂


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