What To Do with Leftover Breast Milk Storage Bags

Going 4 months in breastfeeding our second child and I feel accomplished already. Our doctor once said that when you reach 6 months of pure breastfeeding, it’s like being a gold medalist already. She highly recommends breastmilk (who doesn’t nowadays?) but of course, breastfeeding may not be for everyone. It’s a commitment, it’s a choice (just like how we decide not to use a walker, for example, in teaching our kid to walk). Let’s not judge a mom by the duration of breastfeeding (it’s not the only way to give TLC but just one of them), all moms are supermoms in different ways.

For some breastfeeding moms, resealable storage bags are their preferred way to store breast milk. It’s convenient, easier to store flat in the freezer, and not bulky to bring around. So for those moms, the tendency is to buy a lot that not all will be consumed. Well, good if there are no leftovers. But if you have, here are some ideas on what you can do with them since they are leak proof and sanitized. I bought a lot this time but they’re still very useful in many ways.

I love how affordable these SunMum storage bags are and how it comes with 3 resealable layers too
  • Store baby’s food – even in ice cube forms
  • Store other foods like soups and others that are good for one heating or serving. In a way, you are portioning the food so nothing will go to waste
  • Waterproof important things like jewelries or mobile phones when needed
  • When you travel, you may use it for the toiletries (soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton balls, cotton buds) and medicines.
  • You may put baby’s toys and teethers
  • You may put your jewelries, money, or other valuables just like how you use ziplock bags
  • You may use it to put baby’s or your snacks or biscuits
  • You may put crayons and small papers for use when you travel or go out
  • Use it to make busy bags – these are bags for your activities with the kids (young and small ones) like clay, magnetic letters, pen and paper, threads and paint, etc.
  • You may put baby’s or your detergent or dish washing soap if you will travel or go somewhere  overnight or several days
  • For small kids, you can use it as a glove or way to scatter paint for paper when you do art time. We tried this in play school and since babies and small toddlers want colors and pretty mess, this was a perfect way to amaze them
  • You can also use this to put barbecue, cheese, or sour cream flavors on your homemade fries. Put the fries inside with the flavor in few spoonfulls since the bags are small then shake
  • You may also use them as icing bags when you bake a cake and decorate it with icing. Just cut the bottom corner to desired size and shape
  • Where you can keep and organize cables and chargers so they don’t get mixed up or end up cluttered

You can be as much creative as you want with this since it can be used like a resealable or ziplock bag only that you’re assured it’s waterproof and really clean.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein


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