Protect Yourself and the Kids this rainy season

It’s the rainy season again here in the tropics and everyday for the past weeks, afternoon rains and morning rains surround most parts of the country. Staying indoors when rains pour are safest and ideal for those who have young kids. This is to protect them from all sorts of viruses roaming around during wet season and from all those insects plus mosquitoes who bite. It’s also a must to take care of ourselves so we don’t get sick and spread the unwanted virus around.

Before, I only think about what stylish coat to wear to work and which of my boots matches with it. Now, I still think about that but after I think about how to protect the kids. Life changes and becomes happily challenging with more to take care of. Sharing the things I always do and remember during rainy season (especially now that I have kids).rain-791893_1280

New parents or parents with young kids (like us) should stay healthy to combat viruses. It’s too exhausting to take care of children especially toddlers who are running around when you have a flu, cough, or colds.

  • Bring out those rain gears (umbrellas, raincoats, boots) and rainy weather clothes (coats, jackets, sweaters, socks, bonnets, long sleeves). Keeping your self warm and dry will lessen the risk of getting colds, cough, or flu from the cold and rain.
  • If you got wet from the rain, take a hot/ warm bath to stabilize the cold temperature you got from the cold rain.
  • Take extra care in drinking water from the faucet. Even thought your tap water is treated to make them clean, the rains bring so much mud or dirt into the dams. So just to be safe, drink safe, clean, distilled, boiled, or mineral water whichever or however you prefer.
  • Make sure you don’t have stagnant water around the house where mosquitoes and flies can breed and stay.
  • Always keep your hands clean and sanitized. Viruses do not die easily with the cold weather so you will notice that lots of people are coughing and have colds. Most likely when you’re in public places, you can touch things that sick people touch. The viruses will then be easily passed on to you.
  • Educate the helpers at home and those who live with you on why they should be extra cautious and careful this rainy season and so that everyone is aligned in taking extra care for you and kids.
  • Lessen eating out. Ideally, home cooked meals are the best and safest food most of the time. Mommy-certified and made food are the cleanest too supposedly 😉 To be on the safe side, homemade food is cooked with clean water so at least you know too how they are prepared. It was said that food poisoning are common during rainy weather because of the dirty water used to cook.
  • Yes it’s fun to play under the rain and get wet. But lessen or don’t do this. There’s so much risk in doing this. With so much chemicals in our air, we’re not sure what the rain water contains.
  • Protect yourself and the kids from mosquito bites and use these. Better add as much protection against insects and mosquitoes just to be sure.
  • Eat healthy and stay healthy. Eat fruits, veggies, meat to keep your body strong to fight those viruses roaming around. Of course, don’t forget the vitamins for the kids too.


  • Be ready for the season and get your flu shots regularly.
  • Stay indoors if possible and avoid open air, open fields, open waters. There are lots of lightning and thunders when it rains sometimes. Be ahead and always be protective of yourself and your loved ones and stay indoors or know how to avoid getting struck by lightning (sorry for the worst case scenario. So mommy-like of me 🙂 ) or getting hit by flying objects when the strong winds comes.

It’s not so hard to be cautious and careful than letting the season get us. We can have fun, play, and learn indoors and keep your kids entertained indoors too. There are many activities you and your kids can do together to bond and be creative together at home.

Let’s not call it gloomy weather and boring days, we can say it’s bonding and quality time weather 🙂

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass..It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

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