My Anything Notebook & other uses for your notebook

When I was a student, I had so much ideas for school and business stuff that I wanted to suggest to my parents. When I was working, there’s so much ideas for products and services and the work I do. When I got engaged, wedding ideas flooded my mind. And when I got married, home stuff were added to the list. Now that I’m a mom, my all ideas and thoughts multiply like crazy everyday! I don’t want them to go to waste since most ideas may be helpful and are meaningful when connected and merged with other ideas. Let’s not underestimate the power of random ideas. So today, I started my Anything Notebook.

I do write my random ideas before but I save them in my devices or laptop. I rarely edit or check them again so they’re just stored and forgotten. So today, I started this notebook for my random creative ideas and thoughts. My Anything notebook is divided into 3 – my to do’s, my random writing stuff, and my other random thoughts and ideas. Yes, I have a blog to voice out anything on life, family, and anything that matters but I’m keeping this notebook for the unprocessed thoughts and raw ideas about my writing and creative ones. Anyway some of it may be posted here too 🙂

I don’t know about you but when I write on paper, I tend to remember them more than what I inputted in my mobile phone or laptop. My ideas seem to be more focused too. There are numerous apps out there for notes and journals but I only use Evernote when I’m mobile or on the go then transfer them to my notebook when I can.

Here are things you can put your Anything Notebook:

  1. Write random ideas that pop in your head. They might be connected in other ideas you had and eventually come up with something awesome. Try to review them often.
  2. You can put drawings, sketches, etc. or even just a Post It note for other thoughts you’re not too sure yet.
  3. It can be anything you want it to be. It can be your notebook for anything just organized inside per section – to do list, budget tracker, etc.
  4. It can be your journal for everyday stuff. I started my own one sentence a day journal since I couldn’t make stuff too long since I need more time for everything else now.
  5. Random thoughts of gratitude, sadness, prayers, poems, quotes you love.
  6. Random ideas for business, personal improvement
  7. Ideas for blog posts, if you have one. i didn’t know there are so many people who keep a blog until I had one years ago.
  8. Write your down goals and dreams.
  9. Write stuff you find worth remembering from the books you read.
  10. Things that make you happy to keep your life at a happy pace
  11. Family memories and notes
  12. Health tracker
  13. Inspiration Notebook – what inspires you or makes you feel good
  14. Bucketlist notebook
  15. Favorites Notebook- list of your favorite stuff
  16. Restaurant notebook- list and details of your favorite places
  17. Memories notebook- list all things memorable and when you read it after a year, you’ll laugh and cry how time passed and how little moments may touch you

There’s a lot more that you can do when you have a notebook. In this modern day and age, we forget the value and meaning of the non-techie way to do things. Everything  is so fast-paced and modern. There are no rules when you have a notebook with you, just be creative and be faithful in filling it up and eventually, you’ll find a priceless notebook with you. But remember, ideas will remain ideas until you make them happen 🙂

It also feels good to write something everyday. It’s really a good break from your busy, hectic schedule.

Oh, I have to fill up my Anything Notebook now. A bright idea just came up!

Try it!

“Everything begins with an idea.”- Earl Nightingale

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