Time for you to GET BLISSTIFIED !

It’s so easy to dream and want something but it’s not easy to know the steps you will take on how you will actually get that dream.

Sometimes you find yourself sitting on your work desk, at home or in the office, thinking about what you really want to do and where you really want to be. Don’t kill those thought bubbles. They will eventually lead you to that passion project/s you once dream about.

Writing has been my passion since I was in elementary and high school back when I write for our school paper. I even maintained and created my own website about myself and my interests when blogging wasn’t existing yet, ICQ messenger and IRC chat rooms were a hit. Back then I have my own diary were I wrote how each of my day went and where I pour out my thoughts. I kept all of these until today.


Writing now has gone from my private notebook to my own site since I believe I can share a few tips and experiences to others who may be interested. If you find some brands that I write about in my site, it’s because their stories have touched me and others in one way or another. They’re not business deals. I don’t write about anything I do not have in depth knowldege of. But more than writing about products and reviews, my blog is really about sharing a part of my life to others- a peep into our little family and myself. The wonderful feedback, good words, and my family’s support inspires me to write every time. I get emails from people even on the other side of the world and this surprised me knowing people actually read my blog. Maybe because I write as if I’m telling a story. 


There are lots of people out there who love to write too but each person has a unique passion project for different purposes and reasons. I know aside from my blog, my other interests will start some other passion projects and GET BLISSTIFIED is exactly what I need for all my passion projects even for the existing ones ! I need to create a work I really love from conceptualization to implementation and even after that. A project or business involves an intricate process. Some just get really lucky and get instant gratifications. But to thrive and survive in this jungle-like world, you need to be passionate on what you do.

Put more life, love, and passion to your work and projects – #GETBLISSTIFIED by Kimi Lu and Martine De Luna. Be equipped with the right power and ability (℅ Life Coach Kimi) plus the tools (by Martine) to make your dreams and passion a successful reality. Kimi, as a life coach, spreads positive vibes through her Protons (we are all positively charged beings) and Grateful Jar campaigns and Martine infects a lot of people with happiness in simplicity through her campaign Make It Blissful.

Join in a rare afternoon of passion, protons, and bliss ! 🙂 See you there!

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For more details, visit Martine’s page here

“A Passion Project – where inner inspiration meets outer manifestation.” – Laura West

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