All-natural Nature’s Farmacy by Arthur’s Superfarm available at The Parenting Emporium

I am not a die-hard all-natural healing advocate but I’d love to try it out once in a while and my love for organic and all-natural products has led me try something new every now and then. I found something that really worked for me just last week – Nature’s Farmacy malunggay and cold buster products.


I felt I was getting sick and was having an early sign of colds when I got the products. I thought it was worth a try since I’m breastfeeding our 2-month old baby now. Their products are safe for breastfeeding moms too so it was perfect! The ones I got were fermented so they taste “vinegary” or like alcohol for preservation purposes perhaps. You’ll get used to them after some time 🙂

After drinking the recommended dosage, I felt better and did not get sick the whole week until now. Of course, I didn’t want to loose the energy I have to take care of the family.

Arthur’s Superfarm

Some of Arthur’s Superfarm products are available in the famous Salcedo Saturday Market and Legaspi Sunday Market both in Makati City. But in these markets I mentioned, they sell healthy fruit shakes and juices called Tru-Berries, Hemp Shakes, probiotic beverages, and many more. Arthur’s Superfarm, it’s owner and it’s researchers, advocate good health through natural and alternative medicine and healing (although there are no therapeutic claims to this). A lot of people give good feedback and testimonies about their products especially their Nature’s Farmacy products. All their products are made in the Philippines in Tanuan, Batangas.

Here are the other variants of Nature’s Farmacy and some of its uses. Choose what you need and try it! 🙂

*** no approved therapeutic claims***
  • Turmeric – Rich in Antioxidants and proven to work on inflammation. Used for arthritis, heartburn (dyspepsia), stomach pain, diarrhea, intestinal gas, stomach bloating, loss of appetite, jaundice, liver problems and gallbladder disorders headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infections, fibromyalgia, leprosy, fever, menstrual problems, and cancer. Other uses include depression, Alzheimer’s disease, water retention, worms, and kidney problems
  • Parsley – Rich source of Antioxidants, Folic acid & Vitamin B12. It can be also used as a protection against Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Oregano– Prescribed by DOH as natural herbal remedy for Cough and Bronchial problems. It can also be used for Cold, Muscle pain, Acne, Dandruff, Toothache, Bloating, Headaches, Heart Conditions, Allergies, Intestinal, parasites Earache, Fatigue, Repelling insects, Menstrual cramps
  • Colloidal Silver – Use as a: Antibacterial, Wound Care/Skin Health (psoriasis and eczema), Pink Eye/Ear Infections, Antiviral (HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, herpes, shingles and warts), Anti-Inflammatory (reduce swelling, speed healing, and boosts cell recovery), Sinusitis, Allergies, Asthma, Cold/Flu
  • Digestive Aid – Use for intestinal or digestive discomfort such as but not limited to: indigestion nausea caused by motion sickness, acid reflux etc.
  • Vitamin C -Protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.
  • Pansit-Pansitan – Use as a analgesic, anti-arthritic, diuretic. Use to treat eye inflammation, Sore throat, Diarrhea, Prostate problems, High blood pressure, Arthritis, Gout, Skin boils, Wounds,Burns, Skin inflammation, abscesses, pimples, Headache, Fever, Abdominal pains, Renal problems, Mental excitement disorder.
  • Sambong – Use to treat kidney stones, wounds and cuts, rheumatism, anti-diarrhea, anti spasms, colds and coughs and hypertension
  • Broccoli Sprouts – Broccoli sprouts are an “exceptionally rich source” of inducers of cellular enzymes for “detoxifying” chemical carcinogens — cancer causing compounds. It helps prevent hypertension, allergies, diabetes, osteoarthritis, Cancer, Ulcer (caused by H.pylori), heart disease
  • Circulation Booster – It is use for varicose veins, precursor to collagen, brain tonic to prevent forgetfulness. It can be taken orally or applied topically for varicose veins.
  • Gotu Kola – FOR KIDS:It is against simple ailments as common colds, flu, fever, sore throat. Yet it can boost circulation against arterial blockages, varicose veins inflammation, high blood pressure, anti viral and high cholesterol


The Parenting Emporium

Nature’s Farmacy products are available at The Parenting Emporium (TPE) in Quezon City (29 1st St, New Manila) and they have a pop up store in Playworks Makati on some weekends for those who are nearer to Makati than their Quezon City main shop. Email TPE for inquiries and orders at theparentingemporium@gmail.comThey will also inform you on the recommended dosage for each.

The Parenting Emporium‘s a one-stop shop for all parenting needs. When I was pregnant with my eldest child in 2014, the shop was still called The Medela House by many and the place looked so much like a house converted to a shop. Now The Parenting Emporium has grown to guide many parents through their workshops and products they sell to make parenting challenging but fun 🙂 It has become a social enterprise loved by many- moms, dads, children who need support and guidance as they go through pregnancy, parenthood, and childcare. It also is a support center where parents meet co-parents and guided by  hands on Maricel and Beng who run The Parenting Emporium (the ever supportive moms to all).

Follow TPE on Instagram here

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Despite all of the treatments available for illnesses and conditions, it is our faith and a greater power that comes from Him only heals us fully 🙂

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28

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