Baptism planning

We recently welcomed our baby Matteo into the Christian World. He was Baptized 2 weekends ago (when he was 1 month and 3 weeks. This is the same age her big sister was baptized last year) and our family and friends joined us in this very important occasion in our baby boy’s life. Yes, another baptism but not the same. Every Baptism is special and unique. It’s holy experience for the especially for the parents and godparents.


Are you for simple yet solemn and memorable Baptism? Sharing the steps we took for this very special day as we welcomed our baby boy Matteo into God’s Kingdom. We keep our celebrations intimate. Also sharing details and tips about our supplier a.k.a. partners 😊

Like all things our family does, we want to keep things decently simple, meaningful, and memorable.

  1. Time, Location, or Church – Know your priority and work around it. Like for us, we wanted everything near our home and for it to be merienda time. We asked the churches we preferred and got a good time slot just in time for merienda after the ceremony. We reserved  and completed the requirements of the Church as soon as possible so secure the time slot. We were asked to give the names of the godparents, submit the birth certificate, and pay the fee. We reserved one month in advance to be sure.
  2. Guest List – It’s good to have a file or notebook where you will list down all your guests. It shouldn’t be so hard to come up with a list since your guests (ideally) are the ones who are intimately close to you – your family and dear friends. Make sure it’s aligned with #3.
  3. Determine your budget – If you’re working on a budget, know where to allocate the bulk of it, what are important for you, and what are not. The budget will help you balance the guest list too.
  4. Plan where to have a simple gathering for snacks or a meal after the ceremony – We got the same place as our daughter’s Baptism. We kept the menu simple but good. Reserve the place and discuss details after- the food, the setup, etc. Again, a simple gathering in your home after the Baptism is also ideal for small and intimate Baptism. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Remember the highlight of the day is the ceremony and the sacrament itself.
  5. Prepare everything else when you’re done with #s 1-4– This includes the following: Baptismal gown, baby’s comfortable and nice clothes after Baptism, candles, your clothes, invitation, registry, photo and / or video coverage, cakes or dessert table, etc.

When all of the above stuff are ready, you just have to go and witness the meaningful event. Baptism is not a party, not an extravagant celebration. Do not forget that it is a Sacrament that welcomes a person (usually an infant) into the Christian world. It is where original sin is washed away.

Sanctuario De San Antonio Parish

  • This is our first choice and luckily we got the time slot we wanted.
  • Fee is a little bit higher than other churches – Php4,000
  • Candles and Baptismal pamphlets for the ceremony are required to be purchased from the Church.
  • I like how intimate the Baptismal chapel is
  • Ceremony lasted for 40 minutes max
  • No need to attend Baptismal seminar for both parents and godparents
  • Parking is not a problem unless there’s a wedding that’s happening at the same time (which happened to us)
  • Website for other details – click here

Ines Moda Infantil

  • Our baby boy Matteo’s Baptismal gown was from them and it was nothing but perfect.
  • Made in the Philippines
  • Baptismal gown has booties bonnet too
  • Their products are so adorable that we also got our little girl’s dress from their shop.
  • Know more about this brand that offers beautiful garments for boys and girls with handmade smocking and where you can visit them. It’s more than just a company. Here’s their story click here

The Rosary House


  • This time we gave tokens of gratitude to the godparents from The Rosary House.
  • All products are made in the Philippines.
  • This is mother and daughter partnership that is a product of their faith and love for God.
  • They accept bulk orders too for giveaways for weddings, Baptisms, birthdays, and other occasions or corporate events.
  • Their products are sold in all Rustan’s branches nationwide.
  • Follow their Facebook page and you may send them a message for inquiries and orders –  click here

Via Mare Oyster Bar


This is a 2-storey branch of Via Mare in Greenbelt 3. We love having Filipino food for our special occasions. I just noticed it now from our wedding to the Baptisms. It’s just we want the occassion to feel like we’re just having a meal at home like a salo-salo. 

This is where we had the reception of our little girl’s Baptism last year and all the staff we’re very helpful. They even remembered our little Chesca 🙂 from last year’s event. At least this time, since we’re doing it again, we’re comfortable since we know the place. It was a nice venue near a garden area so designing the restaurant will make it looked cramped and cluttered. We’d like to keep the natural ambiance of the place.

You can request to make the place exclusive to you if you have 80 and above guests and just arrange the menu with them which can be sit down or buffet. We recommend this place for those with 80-110 guests and their food is proven to be really good 🙂

Contact them here or on their branches

Cathy Ang 

Cathy and I were blockmates in college. Back in the day when all we needed to do was to attend class and study for exams. Now we both have 2 kids and both hands on moms while doing what we enjoy on the side 🙂

Her passion for capturing lovely moments is just priceless. I love all her shots! 🙂

Follow her here and here for her other celebration shots

Costa Brava


If you read our other celebrations here, Costa Brava cakes is almost always in our special events from our wedding, birthdays, birthdays of our loved ones, to the first birthday of our daughter to this Baptism of our 2nd child. The owner, Judah Liu, is always ready to accommodate special requests and personalized cakes. We love the White Marshmallow cake and Caramel Cake as always. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth in all their cakes and other food products.

Their cakes are all fresh and are baked hours before you need it to keep its freshness and taste. They usually don’t deliver and you have to pick it up in Belair Subdivision. They don’t want to make their cakes commercialized and sacrifice its quality. But they delivered out huge cake for the wedding since that weddings are special big events 😉

You may visit them in Baker’s Fair almost every weekend in Powerplant Mall , Concourse Level or call 8966872 for order and inquiries.

“Christening is a joyous beginning of a lifetime of loving and serving the Lord.”

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