Simply classy with Ines Moda Infantil

Classy never gets old. This is not only true for Ines and her mom who started Ines Moda Infantil but also for those who love dresses with smocking designs. Based on photos and the clothes I remember, I used to wear a lot of these when I was little especially on Sundays when we hear mass or during special occasions. Our little girl also wear these types of dresses now.

I love dresses with smocking up to now for little girls and boys. They really never get old through time and actually gets even prettier or more valuable to be precise. They’re not just for formal events but more designs now can be worn for casual days. They are very comfortable for kids and they don’t look so stiff but very elegant.

Ines Moda Infantil leads the dress with smocking business here in the Philippines. They have been around for decades now exporting their dresses to other countries and now strengthening their retail business locally too. The clothes they offer are of superior quality and the smockings you see are all done by hand. We actually got our daughter’s dress from their shop and our son’s Baptism gown. You’ll see it in my post about our son’s Baptism soon 🙂

This business reminded me of our family’s business that hit its peak in the 90s that also was exporting to other countries and like Ines Moda Infantil, it experienced some challenges along the way too.

How It Started

Ines (yes, that’s her name) is now leading the enterprise her mom started in the 80’s when they had one seamstress to make  the dresses which was just for Ines. The business grew and started exporting in 90s.

Mission Vision

Way before social responsibility became a trend in the business world, Ines Moda Infantil operated by giving jobs to the undepriviledged women residing in the rural areas who do the smockings by hand for them. Through time, this is still what the company aims to do – to help women and provide jobs. This is also what Ines wants to continue and expand as she takes over the business. Such a great cause that the company plans to continue in the coming years.


Any business, big or small, has a lot challenges to face and conquer. For Ines, there have been 2 distinct challenges the company faced.

First is the financial crisis in The US. Their sales took a dip that’s why they decided to grow their retail business here in the Philippines.

Second is the rise of new technology.As Ines puts it, “The business is somehow threatened with the cheap labor in other parts of the world, as well as the refinement of machines that can do smocking. We remain steadfast not only to our mission to take care of the women who have made a career out of hand smocking, but also to retain the fine quality of our garments. All the smocking you see on each garment, is done meticulously by hand. It still makes a difference.”


Reliquia is the sister brand of Ines Moda Infantil (offers ready to wear girls and boys clothes) that caters to made-to-order special occasion garments for flower girls and ring bearers, First Communion dresses and Christening gowns and rompers, and customized dresses for birthdays and any special occasion. They also offer personalization on these garments by hand-embroidered monogramming. Their personalized heirloom pillows have also been quite popular as gift items.

Where You’ll Find Ines Moda Infantil

  • Manila showroom is located at 2A Kensington Place, 1st Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. 0917-6223318
  • Available in Tesoro’s
  • Bacolod City – Olivia Boutique, Robinson’s Place Bacolod  and L’Fisher gift shop
  • Cebu City – Rainbow Dots, Ayala Center.
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @inesmodainfantil
  • Facebook: inesmodainfantilph

In 5-10 years from now, Ines plans to develop the local retail line and expand in the international market. The feedback looks very promising so far on her talks with budding retailers abroad

Catch them in their next 2 events



I always say this but I do love companies with a big heart. It adds value to people’s purchases and give consumers the feeling of helping the world and people out.

We usually complain what a bad economy our country has. But sometimes all we need to do is to support each other- our local brands- and save imported ones for other times. I’m not saying not to buy imported goods, but there are A LOT of local products that are way better than those from other countries. We can actually do something and help our country change for the better in more ways than one. 

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