Stations of the Cross (Prayers)

Many of us have prayer books with the copy of the old Stations of the Cross. As we do our Visita Iglesia / 7 Churches, we look for prayers that we can pray as a family each year.

Here are some prayers we can use and even print for everyone to have their own copies as we pray as a family.

For those who have kids, here are a few links to make them understand The Stations of the Cross better.

  • Video by EWTN- click here
  • Simple and short Station of the Cross for Kids – click here
  • Another nice prayer for children – click here
  • A nice presentation for Children about the Stations of the Cross- click here
  • A guide on how to introduce and pray the Stations of the Cross with kids – click here

Way of the Cross by CBCP

This prayer is accompanied by audio recordings per station.

click here

Vatican’s Meditations and Way of the Cross

click here

EWTN – Stations of the Cross

click here

Catholic Online

This prayer version is accompanied by videos per station.

click here

PDF Versions

  2. Stations of the Cross for families – click here

Have a Blessed Holy Week everyone!

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