Visita Iglesia 2023: A List of Metro Manila Churches, Chapels, Cathedrals (City of Manila & others)

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April 9 is the start of Easter this 2023! But before that, Filipinos flock churches for Visita Iglesia.

Visita Iglesia (also known as 7 Churches Visitation) is a Lenten tradition of Catholics all over the world. But in the Philippines, a lot of Catholics still do this today. It is a tradition wherein Catholics visit 7 churches on the evening of Maundy Thursday following the mass of the Lord’s Supper and Blessed Sacrament. Some families visit 7 churches, some 14, some depends on what they prefer to pray to the Blessed Sacrament and pray the Station of the Cross per church they visit.

In the Philippines, Visita Iglesia are done by most Catholics on Maundy Thursday , some on Good Friday (but other Churches are closed after 3pm). During Black Saturday, churches are closed to signify the mourning on the commemoration of Jesus’s death. It is also a way for  the Filipino family to bond in prayer and sacrifice. It is also an opportunity for the pious to see new and other churches, chapels, and cathedrals around them.

Our family always do this yearly and now that we have our own little family of our own, we also do this with our bigger family or if circumstances don’t permit, we will continue this tradition and pass it on to our children. We rarely or maybe never leave during Holy Week. We used to fix our own religious float for the procession and join the procession too. We also prefer to stay in in the city and enjoy less cars on the road and enjoy the more quiet city for several days since majority of the establishments are close

I personally love Manila because of how historic it is. It’s always like being back in time when we visit Manila. We even had our date in Fort Santiago, Intramuros, and National Museum. The Churches are amazingly lovely and historic too. Aside from going to Divisoria once in a while for some shopping needs and good buys, Manila has good restaurants too and wonderful tourist spots.

Sharing our top picks and list of churches, chapels, and cathedrals you can visit this coming Holy Week in Manila and other cities too.

Don’t forget to make 3 wishes on a place you’ll visit for the first time and plan ahead!

MALATE CHURCH a.k.a. Our Lady of Remedies Church

photo by: Ramon Velasquez

Address: 2000 M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila

Contact details: (02) 5232593

WebsiteClick here

Interesting facts:

  • Church has a Baroque and Muslim design
  • First built in 1588 then was destroyed by earthquake and typhoon but rebuilt in 1864
  •  The church is dedicated to Nuestra Señora de los Remedios who is the patroness of childbirth

MANILA CATHEDRAL (now known as Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception)

Address: Cabildo cor. Beaterio St., Intramuros, Manila

Contact details: (02) 527 3093, (02) 527-1796, (02) 527-3889, (02) 527-3876


Interesting facts:

  • Has a Romanesque revival architecture
  • Opened in 1958
  • Holds religious artworks and sacred relics of popes and saints, and serves as resting place for the remains of former archbishops in Manila (source: Rappler)
  • Renovated in 2012 and reopened in 2014

BINONDO CHURCH also known as Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish)


Address: Plaza L.Ruiz,Binondo Manila

Contact details: (02) 242 4850


Interesting facts:

  • Founded in 1596
  • Trivia: The altar of the church is loosely based from the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican
  • Parking may be a bit of a challenge since the area is crowded with Divisoria shoppers if Divisoria is open.
  • Ceiling of the church is painted with Biblical scenes


Address: Plaza Del Carmen, Quiapo, Manila

Contact details: (02) 523 8411


Interesting facts:

  • Opened in 1891
  • It is the only steel structure in the country
  • In 1890, Pope Leo XIII declared San Sebastian Church as a basilica. In 1975, Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin declared it as a parish
  • San Sebastian Church is declared as a Philippine Historical Landmark and a National Cultural Treasure (source:
  • San Sebastian Church is one of the country’s last remaining churches that has preserved its original interiors; original parts of the church that can still be found today include its metal doors, wall ceilings, decorative paints, and glass windows (source:


photo by: Manila Picture

Address: General Luna St. Intramuros Manila

Contact details: (02) 527 4060


Interesting facts:

  • only church which is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Manila
  • Built in 1570s and was finished in 1607
  • Baroque architecture
  • limited parking bu there’s a parking area outside the church
  • One of the top picks for weddings in Metro Manila

QUIAPO CHURCH (also known as Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene)

photo by: Expedia

Address: Quezon Blvd, Quiapo, Manila

Contact details: (02) 733 4434


Interesting facts:

  • famous home for the shrine of the Black Nazarene, a dark statue of Jesus Christ many claim to be miraculous
  • Consecrated as a minor basilica in 1988
  • Mexican baroque style
  • when we go here, we  usually park along the street (during Holy Week)
  • It gets crowded especially during and after mass on Maundy Thursday



Address: Redemptorist Road, Baclaran, Parañaque,

Contact details : (02) 832 1150


Interesting facts:

  • A large church with a seating capacity of 2,000
  • Modern -Romanesque design
  • Church is open 24/7 for the many devotees praying
  • Devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help is popular amongst Filipino Catholics, and gave rise to the throngs of devotees who flood the church every Wednesday to attend Mass and pray the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. This is why Wednesdays are usually called “Baclaran Day”
  • Founded in 1958
  • Parking is a challenge and if you have children, this may not be the most comfortable church to go to



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