A Sunshine Baby, a Cloud or Angel Baby, and a Rainbow Baby

Have you heard or read these three baby terms? I’m pretty sure you read these in parenting sites and articles. Get to know what they mean.


A Sunshine Baby is one born before a loss. We can say that a lot of babies are Sunshine Babies. They give so much happiness and joy after a normal pregnancy and birth.

A Cloud or Angel baby is a baby lost. A loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth or lost in the days, weeks, months or years after childbirth. All babies go to heaven and they watch over us from above.

A Rainbow Baby is a baby that is born following a loss- miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. Born after a cloud or angel baby in short. Rainbow babies give so much joy and hope to the family after the experience of loss and sadness for many.

Rainbow babies are usually so important for many families since they give so much positive feelings to the family. It doesn’t mean that the lost baby will be forgotten instead the rainbow baby will carry the earthly love that was lost for the angel baby.

My mom lost a baby too- the baby was my sister/brother. It was a sad time but full healing came about when my sister was born. We didn’t forget our little angel but we know she/he is guiding us everyday.

Babies are indeed heaven-sent and they are given to our families as a sign of life and hope. 


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