When to pierce your baby girl’s ears?

Tradition has it that girls wear earrings. Earrings are usually for fashion and for babies, a way to distinguish male and female babies too.

A lot of parents have their baby’s ears piereced at a young age so it will be less painful and easier to manage since the baby will not notice and feel the pain as it heals.

But do you know that not all parents have their baby girl’s ears pierced? Some wait until the baby grows up and so it becomes a moment or milestone shared between mom and daughter when piercing day arrives (Just like how circumcision is for a father and a son). Some wait until the ears are fully developed so the position of the piercing is in the exact middle.


I met a mom one time who will let her little girl decide in time if she wants it pierced or not. She said that anyway our bodies are given by God to us without these piercings and modifications. Piercing is just like having a tattoo- tampering with our natural God-given bodies. She doesn’t see any health benefit of piercing or any other serious importance of it to our lives. She actually has a point too. Some parents relate it to their spiritual belief too.

When is the best time to do it?

There’s really no best and ideal time to do it but some just want to also get it over and done with early on. Some think that wearing earrings too early can be dangerous since the baby might swallow the earrings in case it accidentally falls off from her ears. It actually pays to regularly check the earrings once they’re there on their ears.

According to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) it is best to wait until the child knows how to clean her own ears after the piercing. They see the danger of the baby swallowing small pieces of her earrings if they do it during infancy. But then as moms with little girls, we love to see them wih beautiful simple earrings too.

Where to get one?

Usually the pediatrician can pierce a child’s ears in her clinic. Make sure everything is clean and sanitized for baby. If someone else will do it, make sure it’s a trusted and clean place. Better safe right? There are also hypoallergenic earrings like studs and diamonds too. You don’t need to remove the earrings at night.

In the Philippines, it’s usually in the child’s media’s clinic and it is most of the time really safe. A lot of paediatrician accept non-patients for the ear piercing. In some pedias, you can choose between gold or diamond hypoallergenic earrings. We chose the diamond one and it’s so lovely. The usual price for ear piercing is Php650 to Php1,000.



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