Thirty Three

As each day pass we get older and wiser and this is a fact of life. We wake up each day thinking of how busy each day will be, wonderering how it will start and end. We forget to enjoy our days most of the time. As I welcome this day, I’m most grateful to be beside the people I love with all my life.

Some things do change and some don’t. Last year I shared 32 things about myself and 32 things I learned in life. The “things I am most thankful for” change for the list grows every year and that’s for sure. As we encounter new people and situations, we gain a lot from them and are thankful for so many new things.


  1. Faith and God’s goodness – for keeping me strong and alive everyday
  2. Motherhood and my 2 kids Chesca and Matteo
  3. My husband for the love
  4. My Dad and Mom for EVERYTHING
  5. My sister for having a best friend who’s 14 years younger than me but gives advice like a 40 year old (hahaha!, I’m not kidding!)
  6. My brother for having a playmate since we were kids and for making me laugh still every time. (I miss bullying you though)
  7. Good health for the family. Things may not be perfect for our extended families but everything is in control and in good hands.
  8. Good friends, of course. They keep me updated and happy of course. They love your child no less than you love them.
  9. Weekends. Always festive and people in this country always love to celebrate weekends for family time.
  10. Having a lovely home
  11. Education – I can’t believe a lot of the things we read in books and learn in school is actually being applied (of course depends on the nature of your work)
  12. Birthdays – always a happy day that entails spoiling the celebrator (maybe not always though). Always festive and there’s cake!
  13. Ability to read and write- This gives me an outlet to share, help, and reach out to other people. These widen my perspective in life too.
  14. Air conditioners! Yes, because at this point in my life, taking care of two small kids is so tiring and the cool air gives me more energy and good temper to keep up with our kids.
  15. Children and babies – they give so much joy just by watching them and their innocence
  16. New friends – from whom we can learn from and enjoy more. New friends help you learn more in life too
  17. Chocolates! They give me energy everyday and give me doses of extreme happiness too
  18. Technology and the Internet- so helpful to mankind! Let’s admit, we are an internet- dependent planet already (for the progressive and key cities)
  19. Mobile phones- they keep me connected to the world. It’s like the world on the palm of your hand.
  20. Medicines and vaccines – Can you imagine life without them? maybe a lot are not alive if we don’t have these. They give comfort to the aching bodies.
  21. Positive people – they brighten up my gloomy days
  22. Music – self expression at its finest and music lifts you up when you’re down or cries with you when you feel like crying and it celebrates with you when you are celebrating.
  23. Income- let’s face it, we need this and really, I’m thankful for this
  24. career and career opportunities – they shape a big chunk of who I am today
  25. Education and every things that goes with it (friends, acquaintances, mentors)
  26. Patience – because all people need this and how important this is to maintain peace and order everywhere
  27. Sense of humor – because I can’t imagine life without it!
  28. Pets – the joy they give is unbelievable. I’m an animal lover so I appreciate how pets serve as good companions to humanity.
  29. Shopping malls – for leisure and entertainment that keeps people happy , relaxed, and serve as they stress-relievers and go -to places for needs and shopping.
  30. Failures  and challenges – they make us  stronger and wiser
  31. Travel opportunities – wherever it may be travel can teach people a lot of things we cannot read in books. At this point in our lives though, I am pro-savings for the future of the children more than travel expenses (well, that’s us)
  32. Kindness around
  33. People who love, motivate, and have kind words for what you do and your passion. They keep me inspired and motivated. Thank you!

What are you thankful for ? 

I am excited to know what’s in store for me for the next months and years. Life seems to be different now than before. But really, having my two kids now gave me the courage, strength, and inspiration I never had before. Life is good and so is God above all else. He will take care of us always.

There are tough days and even tougher ones ahead in our life and I know with the right decisions, we can make tough days bring out the best in us not the worst.

Love every minute of your everyday. Life is just too short to be lived counting years and counting material things. Let’s count memories and make a lot of them. 

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