When is it time to remove those clothes, shoes, accessories from your closet?

Doing spring cleaning in the house is always not an easy task. You feel the need to declutter but sometimes, you feel like you need everything still. So when is it really time to let go of your clothes, shoes, and accessories? Quick and brief tips here. You’ll be surprised how much space you can make if you clean your things and donate or giveaway some.


Stored for at least a year

Do you have stuff that you are keeping and haven’t used for a year or more? Most likely you won’t use them so I think it’s best to donate or give them to others. Some might find this useful and might be useful everyday instead of sleeping in your closet.

Let’s face it some clothes may be too small for you now but don’t be sad, there are many factors that affect weight gain so if you don’t fit in a year, let it go. You can always buy smaller clothes. With all the affordable RTW (ready-to-wear) clothes out there, I’m sure you’ll find something.

If you don’t like it

Of course if you don’t think you’ll ever wear it again donate and remove them from your closet. This will help declutter and give you more space for other useful stuff. If you don’t like it most days and don’t want to wear them or probably you’re not comfortable wearing them, it’s best to remove them.

Out of fashion

If it’s out of fashion and it’s not one classy piece, remove it. It will most likely come back in style but not exactly the way it is, it might come back with a twist but not in the near future. You know fashion, it goes around but not too soon.

Ink stain, holes, molds

If there are yellowish stains, molds, and ink stains that cannot be removed, it’s time to let go of these clothes, accessories, and shoes. Stay presentable, clean, and tidy at all times. It’s not for others sake but your wellbeing and confidence too.

If there are holes and scratches that are too big and when repaired, are too obvious, give them away or some use them as rags instead. This will help you save a little.

If it doesn’t match the fashion statement or image you want for yourself

It is normal for people to have hobbies, be into something for a period of time, and live with changing styles and fashion preference. There are times you can be addicted to formal and corporate clothes and there are times when you are into sports and wellness. We have different interests at different stages and times in our lives and this is normal.

So if your clothes, accessories, or shoes are not your preference at this point in your life, give it away and those will be a match to others’ preferences.

Don’t hoard or be a pack rat. This is the beginning of a hoarder’s home if you will be too sentimental. There are ways to remember important things now like taking a photo of them and keeping it instead of keeping the physical item.

Damaged and Uncomfortable

If there are scratches and you don’t know how to fix them because they are too obvious, let it go. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing the clothes, shoes, accessories you have, give them away. If the fabric is too itchy for you, if the shoes are not comfortable, and you feel funny or awkward with the accessories you have, again, let them go.

In fashion and style, don’t sacrifice comfort over the look (although a lot do this).

So for me, it boils down to these things (below). Keep your life clutter-free and clean!

  • Suits the style you want to project
  • Fits comfortably
  • Used regularly/ often
  • In good condition (doesn’t look damaged, old, broken, smaller good)

Removed a lot from my closet and the kids’ too and we have enpugh space for more useful stuff now. It actually eels good too!



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