Thirty Two

32. My magical number today! It’s not the age but really our attitude and disposition towards life that matters 🙂

I just love birthdays! I can’t deny how giddy I get whenever I get greetings. I’ll really never grow out of it. I love personally thanking everyone instead of a general thank you to all. I really appreciate small gestures.

Just like courting me from my trio 🙂

The past years of my life have been so different now that I’m a wife and a mom. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am for everything and how wonderful life has been. Of course there were rough roads, the good always won and will win.

There’s nothing better the being beside the important people when the clock strikes 12 on your birthday. This year, I quietly welcome my day beside my sleeping “panganay” and my loving husband (not yet asleep..haha!) plus our boy inside me moving nonstop. They make my day and my life complete ❤

No dramas today just fun, gratitude, and love! I know all moms can relate how tears flow from our hearts and eyes when we start talking about our motherhood journey. Let’s let our lives speak louder ❤

As I think about my wonderful existence, here’s sharing 32 things about who I am now and 32 things I learned at this point in my life. It’s a happy day, a happy life, savor every moment.

32 Stuff About Me

  1. I love staying at home.
  2. I am a family person.
  3. I enjoy even the small and simple things in life.
  4. I value simplicity, sincerity, and loyalty so much because I practice them too.
  5. I am crazy in my own ways (people clowe to me will know this well) 😉
  6. I am obsessive- compulsive person but motherhood  changed it a little for the better.
  7. I am determined and focused on things I aim and want to achieve.
  8. God above all.
  9. I am a super patient person.. ( maybe to a fault?)
  10. I am a hopeless romantic person.
  11. I love being busy and learning new things always.
  12. I love my family so much (just so much)
  13. I enjoy jokingly teasing people I know. I’m careful when  I do this. Some are way too sensitive.
  14. I am a proud and happy full time mom of 2 (one about to come out).
  15. I am idealistic and I believe I can help change the world for the better.
  16. I fulfilled my dream to be a preschool teacher through my children.
  17. I am “bungisngis” in my own ways.
  18. I am super observant.
  19. I do my best in everything I do (even small chores and work).
  20. I fear taking big risks.
  21. My love language is service.
  22. I love organizing, fixing, and tidying up. Or shall I say putting order.
  23. I enjoy DIYs and arts & crafts a lot!
  24. I love writing and reading (not ebooks)
  25. I am old soul too.
  26. I love the classy, stylish, beautiful, and timeless.
  27. I hate copycats, pretenders, and fakers.
  28. I love to cook and bake
  29. I will never be a fan of fad and pop culture. I’d like to be original and most of the time unique.
  30. I seem to be quiet at first, but not really.
  31. I tend to be a worry wart but I fight it.
  32. Chocolates are the best invention ever!

32 Life Learnings

  1. Motherhood is an unforgettable, happiest, most challenging, miraculous, best gift ever that a woman can receive.
  2. Time heals everything. So be patient.
  3. Have time everyday to take deep breaths. It really helps.
  4. Always unclutter your life. Remove what you don’t use for other may find it useful too.
  5. Believe in small miracles everyday. They really happen.
  6. However busy we are, there’s always time for God. Those who say they’re too busy forget that time with God is anytime and anywhere.
  7. Your kids get only one childhood, make it memorable with them.
  8. You are in charge of your life and happiness.
  9. Do what you love and believe in. Do not let other people put you down or be bothered by what they will think. What they think is none of your business.
  10. What matters most in life is that you are loved. Not those fancy expensive stuff you have.
  11. Some people will be kind to you and will be in your life just because they need something at the moment. You will know the true friends ones you become a stay home mom.
  12. Success is not just earning a lot from what you do. It’s finding what you love and like to do and gain from it.
  13. Life is a big adventure, take risks, be strong, have faith, and believe and everything will be okay.
  14. However routinary you think life is, everyday is still a fresh start and new beginning. You can change your disposition or life can change you.
  15. The harder to achieve, the more we appreciate.
  16. Worrying will get you stuck.
  17. Our parents are the real present day heroes.
  18. Giving birth cannot be described in words.. It’s too precious, all different from woman to woman, but all gifts from God.
  19. Raising kids are not as easy as I thought it was!
  20. Life is simple. We just make it complicated sometimes.
  21. Laughing, smiling, and being kind have no limits. So keep sharing them and be contagious
  22. Really, behind a great man is a woman.
  23. Women undergo so much transformations from puberty to motherhood..I think men will get crazy of they undergo the same 😉
  24. We sometimes tend to create our own stress. It’s really how we deal with situations and don’t blame the problems or others.
  25. It’s never an accident when you meet people. Everyone has a purpose in your life.
  26. Allow your children to be messy and be challenged. They shouldn’t learn about life in a silver platter all the time.
  27. Motherhood unleashed the strengths I had that I never knew existed plus the fears I have for my kids and life. Breath and take small steps.
  28. You can’t Google through life everyday. A good life will.not come from Google or Facebook, it will come from you.
  29. Life is too modern. Dom’t let go of the classic things and teach your kids classic ways- toys, things, manners, and way of life. There’s a lot of values from traditional way of life and things.
  30. Stop. Recharge. Unplug from technology and connect with reality.
  31. In today’s world, learn to manage technology use. We become so dependent that we tend to be helpless without them.
  32. Above all else, God and faith. Everything will follow.

“We age not by years but by stories.”

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