Parklon play mats

When there are small kids around, play mats are most definitely your best friend. Babies and kids spend a lot of time on the floor so making everything comfortable and safe for them is one way to help them.

At first I was idealistic that I wanted a play mat that would teach them ABCs and 123 so we got those puzzle mats with removable letters and numbers. This didn’t work for us since we planned to assemble it every time we just want to use it. We found it hard to assemble everyday and then keep them again (this is because our house space was so limited). We had to look for a play mat that will suit our way of life.

We finally found the right mat after searching for something that would fit our home, easy to assemble and keep or store, easy to clean, attractive and somewhat educational , portable or easy to bring anywhere for kids (although this is a bonus for me after our first play mat purchase). We found PARKLON‘s play mats! I just realized that when you’re a mom, being overprotective and idealistic is just so normal. We just want what’s best for our children and get the best value for everything we get for our children.


We were so happy with our first purchase that we even bought another one! Some moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends, grandmas or grandpas may want to know why we chose this for our kids so they could have an idea on what to use or give to the children and their parents.

So here’s why we love PARKLON‘s play mats.

1. Easy to clean. Just wipe with dry or wet cloth. Our play mats had milk spit ups, baby pees, spilled baby food, spilled water, and all others but really, we clean it we’ll and doesn’t have any weird smell.

2. It’s easy to assemble/ put and then keep/ store after use. But we decided to just keep in lying around the whole day since kids are always on the floor crawling or sitting down or just playing.

3. It’s a portable folding mat! Parklon has a lot of different types of mat but we chose the folding mat type. We bring it in other homes we go to and visit.

4. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Never tried this but yes! I just realized it can be our picnic mat too!

5. They have design options. We chose one educational and a pretty one but turns out to also help in developing a child’s imagination. I somehow proved that if the mat is attractive, the baby will actually notice this. Our baby boy got excited with the brighter-colored play mat than the pastel-colored one.

this is the one we got last year 2016
image ℅ Parklon

Here are the other new designs available:

5. It comes with a carrying case that’s really easy to use. It’s easy to fold trust me and the carrying case is so helpful in transporting it when you need to.

6. It definitely provides a safe and independent space. Safe and padded to absorb low to medium impact falls. Our babies love our play mats and we sit on them the whole day too. I worry less about falls and bumps when they’re on the mat.

7. Made with non-toxic materials 

8. Relatively lower-priced compared to the similar mats of its kind. There are other rolled play mats that cost above Php5,000 or above Php3,000. This one costs Php2,500+ if I remembered it correctly. But not higher than Php2,000+ (price as of Q4 2016).

9. Other helpful information

  • Measurements: 140 cm x 200 cm x 1 cm (4’7″ x 6’6″ x 0.4″)
  • Material: Nontoxic PE
  • Made in Korea

Where to buy?

In the Philippines, you can get it from Baby and Company stores nationwide. Best to call in advance for availability or reservation.

You may also purchase from here

Hope our favorite play mat review and recommendation helps when you look for that perfect mat for your kids. You’ll see more of the mat in my posts and in the previous posts too.



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