Simple steps to clean your makeup brushes

Not everyone who use makeup know the importance of cleaning their brushes and sponges regularly. We sometimes ignore this and we always think that our brushes are squeaky clean.

Since I’m trying to do a major spring cleaning of the home (it’s very challenging with 2 kids playing around actually), I decided to clean my makeup brushes too. It’s been quite a while since I cleaned them thoroughly. I know, I know, busy is not an excuse for proper hygiene right? Let’s make sure our brushes as clean as brand new ones regularly. This is one way to take care of them so they will last for a long time instead of buying new ones.

If you’re a heavy user (daily), best to clean them monthly at the very least. If you’re not a heavy user (3 times a week), once in 2 months is okay. Ideally, if you can do it once a week the better since it really doesn’t take much time and effort to do it.

Since every minute for me counts as a full hands on mom, here’s sharing something simple and fast on how to clean those makeup brushes.

Prepare the following:


  • to be cleaned makeup brushes
  • towel or cloth
  • cleaning agent – used baby bath soap (you may also use baby shampoo, makeup remover if you have enough to spare for cleaning, or any mild and hypoallergenic soap or cleanser you have)
  • glass / container where you will soak the brushes
  • clean water (some use lukewarm water but I used just tap water)


Step 1: Rinse those dirty brushes and sponges in water


Step 2: Soak them in your cleaning solution (just add enough  cleanser/ baby shampoo or soap in the water then mix)

Step 3: For those that you use with cream-based makeups, massage them gently by swirling the brush on the palm of your hand or soap them with your fingers to remove tough dirt and stains.


Step 4: Rinse them by soaking or using your fingers to was the the brushes.

Step 5: Squeeze the water out with your fingers using your clean cloth or towel and then place the clean brush on a towel or cloth to dry or you can also put them on the edge of the sink or appliance and leave them to dry.

Easy and saves time right? Make it a habit to clean your beautification aids too. Nothing beats beauty and cleanliness inside and out.



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