Ikea Antilop high chair review

Babies and kids spend so much time and do so many things on their high chairs. Our eldest took her naps on her high chair before when she was a few months old. Funny but true. Babies really have weird preferences and behaviors at different stages of their lives. High chairs are really where babies eat as the first stage in learning how to eat like adults. But it’s also a good seat for other activities like learning and playing with toys. High chairs today are usually plastic but there are still wooden ones out there if you want those. I remembered using a wooden one for me and my brother and it was also very durable.

When do kids stop using high chairs? Well, it’s up to the parents but sometimes parents could slowly move the child and train them to sit on booster chairs (this is to elevate the child to the level of the table). As for our eldest who is 2 years old, she sometimes uses the high chair and sometimes her booster chair. The length of use of these chairs doesn’t say anything about the development of your child so don’t worry about making them sit on high chairs for a long time.

There are so many new high chairs for babies and toddlers today. I noticed that life gets more confusing as we go along in years since there are so many wonderful inventions to make life easier too. As this happens, life gets more complicated. Why? Because we’re faced with more choices and sometimes because of the many features, we want to have them all. So the key is to know what you want and be firm on how to raise your child.

Like all new parents, we had to decide on what high chair to buy. And it was a tough decision! Yes, because we were first time parents then and our home had limited space. ults too.

Being the parents who love simple things, we ended up getting the Ikea Antilop high chair. The chair gets the job done perfectly. It’s easy to clean and fits all our requirements. When it comes to durability, this product is definitely getting a 5/5 rating from us. It is what it claims to be “no frills, inexpensive high chair that gets the job done”. Overall this product gets a 9.5/10 rating from us. It’s not perfect and doesn’t have all the features but it’s simplicity and functionality is just perfect.


I can carry and move it around the house. Our 2-year old daughter sometimes pushes it too.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

We bring it in some of the places we go to like homes of the grandparents. One time, we even brought it in a small restaurant where we dined. You can assemble the legs in 4 clicks and the tabletop in 2 clicks. That’s it!

It has a detachable tabletop tray so you can use it to simply sit the child. One thing though, unlike some high chairs, this one doesn’t have a wide tabletop but we didn’t mind since we wanted a less bulky high chair.

Doesn’t eat up a lot of space

It fits perfectly in our home that has limited space along with a walker, play mat, and boxes of toys. Compared to most high chairs today, it is relatively occupies less area.


One thing though, it doesn’t recline like some high chairs. This is also okay with us since we don’t intend to make it a daybed anyway. Of course we want the kids always in a very comfortable position but I honestly don’t get the reclining feature (well, that’s me okay?).

Available in the Philippines

Ikea has no physical store in the Philippines but there are some resellers you can buy from and also from Lazada (sometimes they’re out of stock). Preorders are usually accepted by resellers here and you have to wait for a month or 2 months. Just make sure the reseller you’ll get from is honest (hard to know but just check how many followers and the feedback of other buyers too).

Comfortable and safe for our baby


It has a safety belt and you can purchase a foam or cushion if you want but not all resellers have this. Just always put on the belt and don’t leave the child unattended.

Our children seems to be comfortable. They last long and the don’t complain. If you have a chubby baby, make sure you try this chair first because the width of the seat cannot be adjusted. 

Affordable / reasonably priced

Oh remember this is Ikea? Price is comensurate to the quality of the product always. Lazada sells it at Php1,900+ while others Php2,000 to 2,500. Some will also charge for delivery fee. You can even buy one for every home you regularly visit like your parents’ place and the in-laws’ if you have extra budget and want all your visits to be hassle-free. You may donate them after to orphanages or sell them.


It’s so easy to clean and I don’t have to worry on food getting spilled on it. Just wipe and tada! I experienced staining though when it comes to carrots and oranges but with thorough and regular cleaning they were gone in a few days or wipes.


We’ve been using ours for 2 years now for 2 kids and so far it’s still in good condition. Not a single part is broken, no rust, or chip offs. We got the white-colored one so it matches any place we go to.


Enjoy moms and dad! Hope this will help you, your mom friends and family to decide if they are getting confused on what to get but want a simple product that definitely gets the job done.

Enjoy and cherish every challenging moment. They’re only a little for a while but you’ll never forget how you felt during the times you spent with the babies.


*** high chair photos by Ikea***

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