Haiku of Love on Valentine’s Day

It’s been a while since I wrote poems. The bulk of them were written back in high school when I was also part of the school paper- when I had less experience in life. I wonder where I got my feelings and inspiration to write those poetic stuff? ūüėČ

Here are 3 haikus for Heart’s Day today-for us as a couple, for my first child, and for our baby boy. HAPPY LOVE DAY everyone! Because love is beyond events and celebrations like today and everyone has so much love to give. I never knew I could give so much love until I had two kids the last 2 years of my life. I thank God every single day for such happy and healthy children too!


OUR¬†fifteenth¬†heart’s day
Add TWO beautiful offsprings
Hands & HEARTS are full


Oh STRUGGLE so real
But the BLISS was priceless
LOVE, LIFE came from me


Unexpected GIFT
From me a little BOY came
then I was COMPLETE



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