Elegance and Style with PIESA

Accessorizing is one way to express oneself. You may also get to know people more through their accessory choices and style. Classy or elegant jewelries and accessories are all associated with diamonds, pearls, precious stones, crystals, and beads. But one company proved that creativity driven by genuine passion and dedication help create innovative products for the style freaks in most women. If you want something different but still on the safe and not-so-loud type of fashion, then PIESA‘s masterpieces are for you.

PIESA is another company from the Philippines that creates unique handmade accessories. Their accessories range from thin and thick necklaces and bracelets that are made of high quality wires, fabric, and other materials that are all professionally crafted into various elegant style. Their accessories are all handmade one by one and all inspired by certain experiences or situations which then transforms an accessory to a creative masterpiece. Each masterpiece transcend all trends in fashion. They go beyond what’s in which makes them timeless pieces that are forever classy too. They come in different shapes, sizes, and unique colors too.

The first masterpiece of PIESA was inspired from the traffic jam in EDSA. After all the stress and hate some people get from Metro Manila traffic, PIESA was able to turn this problematic situation into a work of art that the Philippine’s can be proud of. Inspiration doesn’t only come from beautiful and peaceful circumstances. It just goes to show that we can stir our lives into the direction where we really want to go for the fulfillment of our goals and dreams.

3 years from now, PIESA is aims to make their pieces available outside the country spreading class, elegance, and style. They accept customized orders too.

It’s nice to see how creative Filipinos are and let’s support local brands as much as we can.

Here are some of their sample works. Such a beauty!

There so much more designs of these accessories. I personaly fell in love with ther Trinidad necklace. It looks so classy and timeless too. You can wear these with your casual wear or formal wear. Know more about Piesa’s products here

You may order through Seek The Uniq or message or email PIESA directly. Follow their Instagram account here.

Visit their products at Lokal Lifestyle Store at 21 Lilac St. Marikina City.

“A girl should be two things – CLASSY and FABULOUS” – Coco Channel


*** beautiful snapshots from Piesa***

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