All about Argan Oil

Because I’m a fan of all-natural products, this is my new addiction and I guess it will be for a long time! Here’s a little more about this not so common natural oil. Here are answers to some questions you probably have in mind. Argan oil is for everyone- men and women alike!

What is Argan Oil?

It’s a plant oil from the kernels of the nuts from the argan trees which is endemic to Morrocco. It is one of the rarest oils on the world. It’s called by some as “liquid gold” because it is rich with vitamin A and vitamin E and is full of anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. They help reduce inflammation on the skin and also moisturizes and nourishes it.

What are its uses and benefits?

I’m really amazed how much this wonder oil can do for us. It literally can help improve our lives. It can be used for culinary and as a cosmetic.

  1. Cuticle oil – just apply a small amount and massage
  2. Facial moisturizer – I apply it twice a day just 3-4 drops. It is said that they can also aid curing and lessening acne. I don’t think I can prove that since I don’t or rarely do I get acne or pimples. Don’t worry if you have oily skin, some experts say that argan oil balances the oils production of the skin too.
  3. Lip balm – a drop or 2 is enough. It made my lips really soft. It scares me how soft they get! hahaha
  4. Body lotion– just manage so you won’t put too much. Remember, argon oil is liquid gold and therefore, it is pricey. So far my skin feels like baby skin and it feels really good!
  5. Prevents and reduces stretch marks – as for me, I’m putting it on my stretch marks. Let’s see if they’ll be totally gone (although they’re not dark since I’m really fair skinned)
  6. Hair leave on conditioner for hair growth and styling – I’m putting in on my scalp too since I’m suffering from too much hair fall now after giving birth for 2 consecutive years. It’s really stressing me out! I use it when I go out too  to style my hair. Honestly, it makes my hair soft hours after I put it.
  7. Dry feet and heels – This might take time for me. I forgot to take care of my heels and feet for the past 2 years. The additional weight I carried because of pregnancy and now fats made my heels dry up. I stopped putting lotion so it’s cracked now. I know.. I didn’t take care of them. I’m trying to put argan oil every night before bedtime so it will be absorbed better while I’m sleeping (or shall I say napping since I feed our baby boy every 2-3 hours still). 3-4 drops per heel is good enough. I also soak my feet in hot water with foot soak solution once a week now.
  8. Wound healing – Some people said it helps heal wounds too. I haven’t tried this but I will after disinfecting the wound to be sure.
  9. Rash relief – I’ll try this too when I have a rash. Just put a little over your rashes in case you have.
  10. Treats skin infections and bug bites – I have yet to try this. Maybe I’ll also try this on my baby girl.
  11. Makeup remover – since it’s oil, it’s always easier to remove makeup with oils. But with other oils, they leave your skin oily but with argan oil, it’s not at all oily. It will serve as a moisturizer too.

I’m amazed how this oil has so much benefits! It’s really known as an additive in shampoos and conditioners by many. It’s famous as something to improve our hair.

How will you know if the argan oil is 100% pure or not?

Here’s what I’m using now
  • It should be smooth and silky.
  • It should smell “nutty” and eventually, you have that feeling of wanting to eat it (like me now whenever I smell it). The smell relaxes me now. If it doesn;t smell anything or if it smells too good, then that’s not 100% pure argan oil.
  • It’s pricey. If it’s less than 500 for a small bottle, it’s probably fake. Be careful.
  • It has a golden yellowish color
  • Not watery
  • Absorbed by the skin almost immediately
  • It is in a dark amber bottle. If it’s in a clear bottle, don’t buy it! Argan oil is sensitive to light to the dark bottle keeps it fresh
  • Culinary argan oil’s color is golden brown
  • Buy from legitimate businesses with FDA approval
  • If there are little sediments at the bottom of the bottle, that’s okay. There will really be insoluble elements in oils.

Here’s a couple of Argan oil sellers you may choose from:

Enjoy this wonder oil! 🙂

“Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness”



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