My favorite makeup remover from Sephora

This one’s by far the most effective makeup remover I tried. Aside from using petroleum jelly to remove thick and tough makeup (especially during special events and celebrations), this one’s doing its job perfectly without the grease and hassle of removing.

Found out about this when I had an insanity shopping episode (yup, hoarding happened! Haha) in a Sephora shop in L.A. California when we visited for the holidays in the US last December 2013 to January 2014.

Why I like it

Most people who put products on their face everday know how important it is to also remove them at night. So it’s important to make your skin rest from all the things and chemicals you apply. One way to help your skin rejuvenate is to totally remove the things you apply on your skin.

Just use it like how you use a toner on your face- grab a cotton ball and put just enough amount of the remover (not dripping wet and not too dry). I like it because it doesn’t contain parabens and fragrance which can be harmful on some skin types.

Aside from its very clean and nice packaging and a very catchy color, it also removes all kinds of makeup and not just for the eyes. I use it to remove makeup for my entire face and neck.

It also strengthens your lashes’ growth and removes even waterproof makeup. It’s so easy and the results are instant. I also like how gentle it is on my sensitive skin. It even removes hard-to-get mascaras. I’m not kidding, this product is really wonderful!


It comes in 3 sizes- 50 ml, 125 ml, and 200 ml. You can order from here locally or here from their US site. It’s not as affordable as other over the counter toners and makeup removers but it gets the job done excellently. Also, you’ll feel moisturized after using it unlike other brands that contain too much alcohol that’s why it feels cool (sometimes we think it’s good for our skin) after using them.

Overall, I’ll give this product a rate of 8.8/10 because of how effective it is and how real its claims are. Aside from removing your makeup , you also need a moisturizer for your skin. I have my favorite one in detail in a seperate post.

It took time for me to discover this since I thought this was just another typical makeup remover.

“Makeup is fun, an art, and a form of self expression but don’t forget that real beauty is skin-deep.”


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