Moisturize and Make A Difference by Origins

I used to think that putting moisturizer on the face is just for those who have dry skin and for those who need it. As early as teenage years, whether your a man or a woman, you may already use moisturizers. It’s one way to take care of our God-given gifts including our bodies. Taking care and moisturizing your face and skin will benefit us in the long run and especially when we age. We don’t need to wait for our skin to show signs of deterioration before we take care of it.

I found another skin care favorite in Origin’s Make A Difference Plus. I use it  twice a day – before putting on some powder or cream on my face and before I sleep after cleaning my face (how do I clean my face? I use the makeup remover when needed or if I just have a light powder day, I wash with an all-natural facial soap).

The Make A Difference moisturizers from Origins come in different textures depending on what you prefer- gel or cream. I chose the gel-like one so it just feels really light on the skin. It smells like mild citrus (fresh) and clean. Scent is not strong and just gives a hint of the fragrance of fresh citrus fruits. I feel relaxed and my skin is so soft before bedtime.

Aside from putting this moisturizer, I also drink lots of water (at least try to be consistent despite the busy days with 2 kids) to keep the skin hydrated too. Drinking water has a big effect on our bodily functions as well as our skin’s appearance.

This moisturizer is also easy to apply. It has a gel-like feel and it is lightweight. If you have extra oily skin, try putting small amount first to try how it will react to your skin. I have dry skin 80% of the days of the  year and this is perfect for my skin.


Origin’s products are made from mild and most natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry on short and long term effects of harmful chemicals on your skin care product. You can purchase Origins from their branches in the Philippines in SM Makati,  Mall of Asia, and SM Megamall.

Overall, I give this product 8/10 for being refreshing, effective, and keeping my skin moisturized everyday despite my very busy days taking care of 2 kids. Being full time hands on mom is no joke.and these little things I do for my skin are the luxuries I enjoy everyday. As for the price, well, this brand’s price range is on the moddle to upper bracket of the skin care industry so be ready to invest. Origins have so much more products you can try. Check them here.

Always take care of yourself and as Origins said it, “Never Stop Discovering”


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