Colourpop’s Highlighters

I’ve been looking for a new highlighter for years now. I’m so confused on what to buy and whether it’s worth to invest in an expensive highlighter. Thank goodness I didn’t because I got something that’s definitely worth every cent- Colourpop’s highlighters. I got two shades Stole the Show (light colored white with gold, silver, and pink shades in it) and Smokin’ Whistles (for that light or soft pinkish glow).

I’m not a makeup expert or do any professional makeup application to myself or to others, I’m just being a girl (and a mom) and enjoying a little of these beauty enhancers.

Why Colourpop? Well, aside from the fact that I’m happy with all the Colourpop products I have now and plus the fame it’s getting because of their simple products and their collaborations with other companies for their products, it’s not expensive (probably because their main point of sale is online which means less marketing costs and retail operations costs too). 

What is a highlighter?

I know that not everyone knows what it’s for especially for those who do basic everyday makeup like powder, blush, lipstick or gloss. It’s an important part of contouring (I found a good contouring stick too! Will tell you more about it in another review). It’s applied in 3 parts usually- the cheeks, temples, and eyes. It will give you that subtle and natural glow you want.

I didn’t have any background about these highlighters before I purchased them. So here goes a short review on them. Enjoy!


It looks plainly okay when you look at it. It’s in their usual clean white containers with the company’s brand name print on cover. You can easily bring it around in your small bag or even a pouch. Clean and chic- just the way I like it. Nothing fancy too.

Texture and Application

I didn’t know it was bouncy, squishy almost creamy but not exactly creamy. It doesn’t look like it at first. I liked it all the more because since creamy textured make ups last longer than powdered ones on my skin. I found it easy to spread too. I tried using brushes and it works but the best way to apply it for me is using my fingers. You can do trial and error on what’s best for you. The advantage of using fingers is that you don’t have to bring your brush around but of course don’t forget your wipes to clean your hands before and after application.

It can easily be set on top of your powder or face’s foundation. If you’re using a sponge, make sure you use the same foundation sponge so that it still has your foundation’s color to blend it easier on your face.

Not just a highlighter

I also used it as an eyeshadow in one of the events we had. Makeup is always fun because of its flexibility on where and how to use them. You may also use it as your face’s top finish for powder.

If I’m going to rate Colourpop Cosmetics’s highlighters, I’ll give it a 8.5/10 rate for it’s being affordable, simple, unique texture, and ease in application. They have several shades to choose from too. Check thenm and buy the here

Here’s more about it from Colourpop.


“Your makeup should never precede you, but walk with you.”


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