Jumping on to 2017: Lessons & Resolutions

2016 is one of my most unforgettable year. It has been a year of mixed emotions from all aspects of my life but thank God for still keeping everyone okay and strong. It was a year full of our little family’s milestones  and as a mom, this is one unforgettable year where my eldest, Chesca, turned a year old and my son, Matteo, was born. Motherhood is a journey no one forgets and one of God’s gift / calling to women.

This year our family got our first owned home (well, of course, we don’t stop dreaming and aiming of more homes in the future). Any family will know this is a major milestone for young and new families like us. We’re so happy that we get to choose the style and what to put in our home. We also got to choose the design and customize everything according to how we want and how we use them. It’s nothing fancy, it’s simple, clean, and useful just the way we want it.


This year ,we spent our first Christmas in our new home too. Noche Buena was with my family where some members met Chesca and Matteo for the firat time and then Christmas day at our new home. Also, I also had the shortest hair style ever this year! Well, for girls that’s memorable. And how can I forget my 22-hour labor when I gave birth to our son Matteo? We met amd made many new friends in our past condominium building and new ones now here in our new place. The place and area is still foreign to me so I’m looking forward to exploring our new area with the family. We are all adjusting to our new home but we’ll get our groove back soon. Moving homes with 2 kids under 2 years old is no joke at all.

I’m still very thankful everyday for the opportunity of being a full time stay home mom. I get to spend every minute 24/7 with both our children. It’s priceless. Anyway they’re not young forever and getting to spend everyday with them gives us more bonding and time to get to know my kids more. I have so much stories to tell them when they’re bigger.

This year, I’ve met new people because of simply writing my heart out through this blog. This is not a sponsored blog or anything similar. I don’t have a regular local mom group of writers to promote my blog. I’m keeping it like an open online diary where I also write for my own reference purposes too. I’m glad to have helped and made people’s lives easier through some of my writings. Thankful too for those who believed and contacted me for as simple as an inquiry or good words and offers. For those who criticized, thanks too. You showed me how to improve and I learned that you cannot please everyone especially those who (perhaps) have hang ups in life. Social media is a tricky world. God bless you.

Aside from the small and big stuff our family acquired, life taught me so many things on motherhood and on life. Here are some of the things I learned this 2016.  Knowing them will hopefully make me a better person for others and for my children. Hope ypu find something meaningful too.

  1. Faith and love for God is the most powerful weapon and possession one can have with our busy lives. We should always find time, no excuses.
  2. Nothing is really certain and permanent in this world. Everything changes and tomorrow or later is different.
  3. There’s no such thing everyday routine because each day needs a different treatment. We should all learn to adjust. Otherwise, life will be miserable.
  4. Patience and hard work means so much more than waiting time and putting more effort. It entails great dedication and passion.
  5. Life has its ups and downs and a lot of other challenges but it’s up to us on how to take them in and resolve them. A positive outlook everday helps a lot.
  6. Discipline is key to being happy and to lessen regrets.
  7. Do what you’re passionate about, it can change your day and even your life forever. Start now and don’t make excuses
  8. A mom’s hard work is underrated.- really they are 😉 right moms?
  9. Compromise is very important to sound relationships
  10. Collaborate don’t compete.
  11. Giving back in little and big ways is everything. Share your blessings with love. You’ll feel more blesses than ever.
  12. It will all pass. Whatever itbm is, it will pass.
  13. Change is good. Always look at change in a positive light.
  14. Little and simple things matter. I will definitely teach this to my kids.
  15. At the end of the day, you’ve got your family and real friends.
  16. Make everyday and every moment count. Be in the moment to cherish it.
  17. You can’t please everyone.
  18. There are things that are worth spending on and there are some that means a lot in simplicity. We’d rather invest in good things for the home and for our kids’ future than an extravagant celebration for family milestones. We celebrate simply the meaning of events but cherish them with our whole heart.
  19. Sometimes you don’t have to be wait for others to change or move before you do. You can do something now and do it with great courage and 100% effort.

I can go on and enumerate so much more since it was a year full of wisdom and learnings for me. I learned so much from others especially from my parents and siblings. These things are more important than any material things we got this year. I promise to keep and follow all the learnings from 2016, improve myself for others, and work on something great for the year. My first priority are the kids so I’ll keep them as my inspiration for all the things I do.

You can choose to make your day your new year. But every January 1, we make the best resolutions and promises for ourselves and others.Go on.. Keep making these resolutions to keep you happy, motivated, and to improve yourself. Don’t stop believing in new year resolutions.

Happy new year everyone! Stay happy and positive 😊


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