Customized hair bows from Adorable Knots

Our little girl, Chesca, is growing up into a very active and cheerful toddler! She used to dislike having clips or anything on her head but now she sort of “allows” a clip or two in place. The funny, unique behaviors of each toddler reminds me that each child is unique in her / his own way.

So now that she allows a ribbon on her head, my search for a clip or ribbon that is safe and won’t fall off her hair (since her hair is very soft, fine, and slippery shiny) has led me to these customized hair accessories for our little lady. The clips I got from different shops just slip down her hair easily.

As always Adorable Knots did an excellent job on the how I’d like the clips look and fit our little girl. Adorable Knots is so easy to talk to and made sure they accurately get what you want. The quality of the items are really superior too. I can personally atest to this since the previous set of clips of our little girl are still in good condition after more than a year of use (and considering our daughter bites them when she’s teething and there’s no teether within her reach..funny but desperate times calls for desperate measures for a teething baby).

Here they are 🙂 You can actually order even for yourself.. Just send a peg for the clips you like. I love the grosgrain hair clips type for Chesca. It’s easy to put and safe from sharp points and hard parts if the ribbons are glued well to the metal alligator clips inside the ribbons. These clips may also be used even when she gets a bit bigger. These types of clips are perfect for thin baby hairs. I find it classy and never gets old. Perfect for casual and even formal wear for kids. I love how classic they look too.


Follow they Instagram account here for other designs. You may give them as gifts, giveaways, or for everyday use of your little ones. I always love local and business with great passion and professionalism. It’s has a good price too for its items considering they are of good, durable quality.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” – Coco Chanel


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