Metro Manila’s Best Staycation Places for Christmas 2016 & New Year (HOLIDAY INN & SUITES MAKATI)

Ever since we had a child, we always want our kid/s to experience Christmas around the Philippines especially in Metro Manila where Filipinos really prepare for the season. Aside from the fact that I’m always excited for Christmas and I always make sure that I start my Christmas list and Christmas shopping early (goes to show how excited I am every year), I can also see how excited our daughter is now that she sees so many decors around- Santa, Frosty, and Christmas Trees. Our daughter, Chesca, showed her excitement again when we had a great afternoon at the Holiday Inn and Suites Makati. We feel so happy when we see the children happy!

Holiday Inn Makati is one precious gem in the middle of the busiest business district in the Philippines- Makati. It’s not just a business inn, it’s not just a place to stay and sleep, it’s not just an ordinary hotel with the usual amenities. It’s a hotel with a genuine heart. You’ll see a great hotel the moment you touch base with the first employee which are the doorman, bellboys, or people at the reception. We were welcomed by their beautiful Christmas trees and decors.

Me and the kids (well, Chesca is the only one eating buffet food for now) had our lunch at the Flavors restaurant at the 4th floor of the hotel where Citron Lobby Bar is located too.

We got the chance to experience the Holiday Inn Makati Christmas feel.

The hotel is very cozy and a great place to relax , stay wth with family and friends.

Christmas Theme for 2016- Grinn’s Journey to Christmas: A Christmas Story by Holiday Inn Makati

A lovely sight will welcome you at the lobby
Flavors Restaurant’s food choices are the best and each taste great. They value quality of food over quantity of choices but I personally think the choices are already plenty enough.


This is my favourite feature of the restaurant since I have kids. They have utensils for children. They also have sippy cups and Chicco high chairs for kids so our little girl was so comfortable eating.

The restaurant has a carving station for the roast beef, dessert station, salad station, sushi station, and viand station.

Chest trying to  explore their food. Chopsticks to eat the pizza? uh oh! But she actually ate more than I think she would.
Spoon and fork to eat the pizza? pretty close my dear. She sat comfortable on their high chairs.
Remember Cafe Jeepney from Intercontinental Hotel? Yup, this is their classic crepe. How did that happen? Because the head chef of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati is the head chef from Intercon.
These are our take home cakes. We love each one but for my husband the red velvet cake (with white chocolate on top is the best) and also everything is equally good- the ube cake, the coffee chocolate cake!
carving station and more!
They also have food for kids. They had sausages and pizza for kids when we were there.
I must say they don’t have the most selections but each dish tastes really good. They value quality over quantity.
Our little boy didn’t mind being carried by the friendly people 🙂
Chesca really enjoyed our day in Holiday Inn & Suites Makati
Kiddie pool and adult pool
we enjoyed the yummy chocolate and sweets from the gingerbread house
cute gingerbread house
The CITRON Lobby Bar offers good drinks and one of the drinks I enjoyed there was the cucumber and basil mocktails! even breastfeeding moms like me can drink it. No alcohol, so refreshing, and you feel like drinking cocktails too!




Cake slices! 🙂

Forgot to take a picture but what I really loved among all the desserts I tried during the buffet was their UBE CHEESECAKE! really, when I say this is the best I have tasted so far, I really mean it’s really really so so good! I’ve tasted others but this one’s definitely something you won’t forget.

And more desserts
This is their holiday centerpiece per table
A lovely display in the restaurants reception area where you can take home mini cakes and cakes.
Adorable Christmas tress around the hotel


Even waiting areas have decors. It’s in the details 🙂
Lobby area with a view and a spiral staircase leading to the function rooms
at the pool area


One of the small function rooms of the hotel. Each function room comes with a coffeemaker too. They have a big function hall that can accommodate up to 100-115 people

We enjoyed the friendly people and cozy ambiance. We definitely forgot that we were in the middle of a busy city and beside a mall too. Their rooms are clean and very modern too.    The hotel is complete and service is great!

Tip: Ask where you can park if you’re bringing a car just to be sure. As you know, Makati parking can get really difficult and full at times. They also have valet service.

This is another addition to our favourite happy places 🙂 We highly recommend Holiday Inn & Suites Makati not only to companies but also to family and friends. This hotel has so many surprises in store. Kids stay and eat free here too!

*** Thank you Bess for the hospitality and their wonderful hotel staff for being so sincere and helpful during our visit. 

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing”


Address: Glorietta Mall (beside Glorietta 2) Palm Drive , Ayala Center, Makati City

Number: +02 9090888


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