6 Months (Matteo)

I can’t believe it’s been half a year we had our second child, Matt. It was just like so recent that we were waiting for the arrival of our first and after 4 years, we have 2 kids. We are so thankful for so much blessings and the trust God gave us to raise kids. We cherish our everyday (even the most tiring and challenging  ones) so dearly. It’s really no joke to raise 2 kids under 2 years old but it’s so much fun and our days are filled with wonderful experiences. Even when me and my husband are on stolen dates, we still talk about our children. I can still feel the excitement of being a new mom even with Matt now.

It’s really now that we realized that every child is different and really unique. They learn differently, they develop differently, and are very much unique in their own little and big ways. Oh, dear Matt, you’re growing up in full speed now. 6 months is the start of babies’ time to move around more. They want more things happening around them. They become so observant and are very curious human beings.

Words are not enough to describe how much our children are bringing joy to our everyday lives.



Dear Matt,

Happy half year birthday ! We love you so so much! You’re such a breath of fresh air to us and to everyone you meet. You smiling tirelessly to everyone even if you’re sleepy or cranky. Your smiles are so contagious andr your laughters are keeping all our tiredness and stress away. A happy baby is a blessing, but two happy babies are gifts we are very much thankful for everyday. Your sister is getting sweeter to you by the day and you seem to take so much interest on her too. Soon you guys will be playing and we hope you will both remember that you have each other in life forever and may you guys take care of each other- protect and love each other unconditionally.

Thank you for your handsome smiles ! Such an adorable little boy. Thank you for being always calm too.

Can’t wait for the next months and years of our adventure.

Love you so much Matteo!



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