‘Tis the Season of Giving Back: A list of where & how you can Give & Share

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s Christmas again and most of us get busier as the occasion draws closer. This happens every year and for some became a habit or a cycle of tradition. But honestly and ideally, we should not forget why we are giving gifts and sharing good times with others.

It dawned to me today that the season is more than all the lights, Christmas trees, and extravagant preparations and celebrations we are all preparing for. I was thinking how to explain Christmas to my kids in the simplest yet most meaningful way.

So what explanation did I come up with? Well, our eldest now, Chesca (1 year & 9 months), knows Papa Jesus and Mama Mary so well so it’s not going to be hard to explain. So this is how we’ll explain it- It’s Papa Jesus’s Birthday and it’s very important and special. We’re all happy so we share food and gifts. Then we pray for Papa Jesus, Mama Mary, Mom, Dada, Matt, and all the people. Yup, keeping it as simple as that for now for a one year old. I think we’ll keep that explanation also next year since our baby boy, Matt, will turn 1 by then. But when you think about it, that’s really what Christmas is all about- sharing, giving, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Since it’s the season of giving, let’s try to give back for a wonderful year. Even if the year wasn’t so perfectly good as you wanted it to be, the fact that we have family, friends, and love around us, we are all so blessed. Always remember that it’s the season of giving and not receiving. Giving is being selfless and not getting something in return from what you will be sharing/ giving away. It’s a genuine giving of something and you don’t get to benefit from it like getting recognized, get more famous, no tangible and measurable returns. You’re only reward with yourself is that you’ve changed, touched, or helped someone’s life.


We, me and my husband, started a tradition 2 years ago of giving back and we’ll continue it every year and pass it on to the kids. It’s not big , it’s not grand, but it’s touching one or more lives. You can also start within yourself or with your family or friends a tradition to give back. But remember, giving back is not just for Christmas, it’s a whole year round thing and we’ll definitely teach our kids the same.

There are many ways we can touch lives and give back so here’s a list of where and how  you can extend your hand and share your blessings this year and the past years:

  • List of Orphanages in the PhilippinesClick here 
    – it includes orphanage’s address, contact details, social media account links too
  • List of Nursing Homes for the Elderly in the Philippines Click Here                              – it includes orphanage’s address, contact details, social media account links too.
  • List of non-profit foundations in the Philippines Click here  
  • You may help and donate in your parish too. They have outreach projects and activities for the needy too
  • You may help your helpers int the home by giving more for their family- maybe a bonus , gifts, etc.?
  • You can even be generous to those in need in the streets
  • You can donate your clothes to charity. Doesn’t need to be really old clothes, For me anything in my cabinet that I haven’t worn for about a year should go since if you haven;t worn them for so long, chances are, you won’t wear it anymore (it depends off you have other reasons why you’re keeping it)

There are many ways to give back. Our little ways may be big for some. You can think of your own or contact a charitable institute if you want. It’s not how big you’ll give back, it’s the sincere heart that you have that will touch others.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Let’s not forget what the season really means and what sharing and giving is all about. It’s a reminder how selfless Jesus is when He died to save us and that’s why it’s best to be selfless too like Him this season and everyday too in our own little ways. 


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