Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights Show 2016

Every night for the past several months, my daughter and I stroll around our building to show her around and to kill time before bed time. Little did we know that those night are our bonding moments too. It got more exciting this Christmas season sine there are Christmas trees and lights around. It became a hunting of Christmas trees and lights every night (except when it rains). We even enter condominium buildings just for us to take a closer look at the decors.

Today, we walked and went a little farther. We visited the Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights Show. Our little girl was speechless and shocked at first but eventually danced and went ballistic with all the lights and jumpy music.

For those who plan to go there, sharing a few tips based on our experience:

1. Don’t bring a big bag. It’s easier to move around.

2. Stay alert & watch the kids (they might get lost or trip while your in trance because of the lights & music)

3. The show proper lasts for around approximately 6-8mins but the lights and music will continue after the show proper.

4. Go on a weekday if you can to avoid too much people. If you can just go on weekends, you don’t need to stay with the crowd or near the lights. The lights are beautiful too even if you’re a little far from it. I actually appreciate it more.

5. People will be taking pictures and videos. Check if your blocking the view of other people.

6. Enjoy without the lense. Stop and appreciate the show instead of watching from your phone. Make memories beautifully. Be in the moment.

7. There’s a parking lot at the Makati Avenue side of Ayala Triangle Gardens. If you live nearby, best to take an Uber, Grab, or cab.

8. Bring the kids! The kids will love it! The smaller ones might get shocked at first though  

9. If you go on a later time at night, make the kids wear a hat or cap. It’s windy cold these days. But it gets hot when crowded.

10. There are restaurants around for the family to dine and enjoy. You may even bring a snack or drink too. Let the children enjoy the garden and nature. Time off from gadgets too.

11. It’s free so you don’t need to spend on entrance fee. And it’s up to 10pm everyday this December.

12. Bring an umbrella or raincoat just in case it rains. Better safe than sorry. Luckily it rained after we got home.

The season is keeping everyone happy. We saw so many happy faces during the lights show. Even those who came from work, just sit alone and enjoy the lights show before they head home.

A little trivia:

Condé Nast Traveller named the Ayala Triangle Gardens Festival of Lights as one of the Seven Most Spectacular Lights Show in the World!

Visit the lights show everyday starting 6pm and happens every 30 mins until 10pm.

Here are other kid-friendly places to visit for the holiday season – click here

Here’s  me and my daughter Chesca and our bonding over lights and sounds:



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