5 Months (Matteo)

That was fast! Our little boy is 5 months! He’s been a bubbly, smiley, and giggly little baby and he starting to be stronger everyday. Kicksd arm movements seem to be so strong. I’m seeing clearly the difference between a baby girl and a baby boy since our little girl’s infancy days are still so fresh in our memories (It was just a few months ago 😉 ).

Matteo has been moaning, shouting, laughing, and observing his surroundings a lot lately. Thank God he’s very healthy and has been eating a lot! In a week’s time, some of the clothes that fit him becomes smaller for him. He’s also gaining full control of his hands now. He’s been trying to eat his toes (which is a normal behavior for infants at 5 months). He already tried eating rice with mom’s milk one time and he loved it! I think he’ll be way to feed.

Matteo is also still pure breastfed. So all his fats and big thighs are because of mom. Really thankful for giving me the energy and the milk supply to at least breastfeed my children for at least 6 months or longer.

Parenting is becoming more exciting with a girl and boy now. We realise so many things and how different children are. What more in a few months and years?



Dear Matt,

5 months ago or more, we were waiting for you to come out and now you’re here giving us so much smiles and laughter to add to your sister’s laughters and smiles too. You are becoming more aware now of the things around you- every noise, every light, every movement, and all others. Keep being curious and in time you’ll be like your sister, curious and non stop roaming around.

I’ve been a witness on how you put on your smiley face when people try to talk to you. You smile back at them and they feel so happy and as if your smile made their day. I hope that you grow you spreading goodness and happiness to others. Growing up is too far for now so let’s just keep it at being a happy behaved baby 🙂

Soon you’ll be sitting on your own, move on your own, and play with your sister on your own! Don’t rush ! We all love you so much.


Here’s our little celebration at home for our boy Matteo


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