Treat your HOME with an all natural, chemical free, dry treatment procedure with BED, BUGS & BEYOND

We live in a modern world where dust, bugs, mites, and dirt are everywhere and this is a fact of everyday life. We don’t see how much dirt accumulates in the places we stay or go to but a lot of which we cannot see with the naked eye. We currently live in a condominium space in the middle of a very busy city- the busiest in the whole country! When you live in a condominium, the misconception is that when you don’t open your windows everyday there will be no dust in your unit. Well, the truth is that even if you don’t open your windows, dust and dirt will accumulate and bugs can still enter you home.

However we clean the home everyday, there are still areas and places we cannot fully clean thoroughly. One example is that we cannot clean the mattress everyday or monthly since we don’t have the machine and expertise on this. So we decided to get professional cleaners to clean our mattress since we have two small kids sleeping and staying on our bed.

Also, we wanted cleaners who don’t need to bring out the mattress from our home, no need to wet it, no need to dry it under the sun, no need extra space to clean  it (since our rented condominium space now is packed with stuff and there’s absolutely no space for washing appliances. Good thing we found out about Bed, Bugs & Beyond  from a good friend.

Our mattresses, pillows, blankets, walls, ceiling, and the entire room are now squeaky clean. Thanks to Bed, Bugs & Beyond. They are so professional, trustworthy, courteous, thorough, and skilled at what they do. They worked in the very tiny space we have in our room and it took them less than an hour to do it. The room was cleaned while the kids and everyone else at home were there by the living room. An OC mom like me is just so happy to see cleaning go an extra mile 😉 We highly recommend them for your cleaning service needs! Their cleaning and sanitizing process is an all natural, chemical free, dry treatment procedure that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris.

The services they offer are perfect for those with little ones too!

  • Mattress cleaning
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • General cleaning
  • Customized cleaning

Know more about BED, BUGS & BEYOND below:


So now I don’t need to worry about the possibility of bed bugs, dusts, mites, and other things that could cause allergies. Since both our babies have eczema and acts up anytime when something triggers them, cleaning our bed and room is definitely a good idea to at least eliminate some possible triggers.

Contact the team to schedule or request for a customized cleaning service now!



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