Eyeglasses Styled & Redefined

Gone are the days when prescription glasses were for those who had a special eye problem, considered a nerd or geek, or considered a disability (although in scientific definition, there really is a problem with your sense of sight). I’ve worn glasses since I’m in the 2nd grade when not a lot of people wear them at a young age. Today, almost half of the people I meet are near-sighted. It’s a new normal I guess and has become a fashion statement too. Some wear even if they don’t need to.

I’ve recently had my eyes thoroughly checked by our ophthalmologist doctor/ friend. There’s really no pinpointed reason for the increase in our eye’s grade. There are numerous reasons but some factors just keep adding like technology. The duration of gadget use cannot be fully concluded as the reason for the increase of our eyes’ grade. Some people I know use gadgets 24/7 but still have 20-20 vision.

Optical shops sprout here and there and companies producing eyeglasses and shades seem to see a bigger market today. Before choosing that trendy and fashionable eyeglass, know what will best match the shape of your face. Don’t just dive into the trendy glasses, choose something that will flatter your face too. Here’s helpful guide from Clearly.com:


I first thought of getting the classic Oakleys or Ray Bans or other brands that may cost me more than P5,000 each for the frame and lens.

Where can you find stylish eyeglasses?

After 2 babies from 2012 (when I last had my eye checked), I felt that the grade of my eyes increased. After our ophthalmologist checked, one eye increased its grade to 100% and the other by 50% with astigmatism still- another signs of aging for me (hahaha!). So I needed new glasses for everyday use. Our toddler keeps removing my glasses when I wear them so that’s another challenge for me to keep my glasses on.

Veering away from the usual classic styles I buy, I wanted to try something stylish and I needed something for my busy days everyday at home and when I go out for errands and rare dates or events. And I found my perfect pair!

So here’s where you can find good quality and stylish glasses aside from the optical shops around – Sunnies Specsclick here. From the makers of Sunnies (fashionable sun shades) and another venture for the founders of Sunnies Studios. You can even have your eyes checked there. They have very helpful and expert ophthalmologist in every branch of Sunnies Specs so you can have your eyes checked on the spot, cool huh? Even their kiosks at the malls have eye examination rooms.


They have an all in one price for the lenses and frame. You may buy just the lens. Their lenses are all multicoated- which means it has a UV protection, it is anti- glare, scratch-resistant,  anti-reflection, and water-resistant. I decided to try them out. It was a simple transaction and fast. You can even get your glasses on the same day depending not the time you ordered them and where. They have a different cut off time per store. You may check it here.

Also, do you want to know how durable the glasses are?  Each pair is handcrafted from high quality acetate, flexible TR90 resin or metal hardware. They are all lightweight too.

Their branches as of today:

GLORIETTA 2nd Floor of Glorietta 2, Makati City


3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City


1st Floor of UP Town Center, Quezon City


2nd Floor of Trinoma, Quezon City


Upper Ground Floor, North Wing SM Cebu, Cebu City

Here’s a peep into Sunnies Specs’s eyeglasses collection. Styles now are bolder, edgier, and more adventurous. Round glasses and shades seem to be in now. It’s just like going back in the 1920s or maybe like Harry Potter! Also, cat eyed shaped glasses are back fro the 1950s. But knowing me, I got something neutral and classic-looking.

Photos: Sunnies Specs
Got 2 pairs !

So happy and addicted to my glasses now 😉 Now I think I want them all for different occasions and different attires.

“To me, eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription. It’s like makeup. It’s the most incredible accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of lenses can change your whole appearance.” – Vera Wang



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