How much Sleep do Babies and Toddlers Need

Being a second time mom still makes me wonder how much sleep our baby needs because like all kids, our baby boy now gets different hours of sleep everyday. I’m thankful though that he also sleeps through the night since birth just like our eldest. At least mom and dad get to sleep too for a packed and busy day everyday. Our days have been crazily busy with small children around and at the same time fixing and planning our big move on December. Sleep is such a luxury for us now but of course, these days we’ll miss when they’re all grown up.

Here’s a guide for the moms and dads who are wondering why their baby hates or loves sleep. Remember, all babies are different. No two babies are exactly the same, yup, not even your own kids even if they’re twins. Some babies can sleep on their own while other need to be rocked or carried by their mom, dad, or nanny.

These hours are more or less approximate number of hours. Don’t be alarmed if your child falls short or exceeds. Just a tip, have a schedule or routine and stick to it as much as possible so your child gets enough rest and sleep.


  • Daytime sleep – 8 1/2 hrs (varied number of naps but usually sleeps in 2-4 hour intervals and wakes up to eat. This can last up to 2 months old)
  • Night-time sleep – 8 1/2 hrs
  • Total sleep – 17 hrs

tips: newborn babies may have involuntary reflexes or movements while sleeping. This is normal so don’t be alarmed. These are signs of internal development. You may help your baby sleep by soothing him/ her through swaddling, pacifier for sucking, or breastfeeding.

1 month

  • Daytime sleep – 8hrs (varied number of naps)
  • Night-time sleep – 9 hrs
  • Total sleep – 17 hrs

tips: Between 2-4 months, baby may have long hours stretches of sleep which can be as long as 6 hours. Keep the room bright during the day and dark during night time to distinguish day and night times. Avoid playing very loud and playing too much at night time to avoid over stimulation.

3 months

  • Daytime sleep – 6hrs (3 naps)
  • Night-time sleep – 10 hrs
  • Total sleep – 16 hrs

6 months

  • Daytime sleep – 5hrs (2-3 naps)
  • Night-time sleep – 10 hrs
  • Total sleep – 15 hrs

tips: Some babies sleep through the night and need not feed anymore. But most still need 1-2 feedings and wakes up at night still.

9 months

  • Daytime sleep – 3 1/2 hrs (2 naps)
  • Night-time sleep – 11 hrs
  • Total sleep – 14 1/2 hrs

tips: Some babies sleep wake up and look for mom or dad. This is all normal and just put baby back to sleep calmly when it happens. Keep everything calm , quiet and dim so that baby knows that it’s still night time and it’s time to go to sleep.

12 months

  • Daytime sleep – 3 hrs (2 naps)
  • Night-time sleep – 11 hrs
  • Total sleep – 14  hrs

18 months

  • Daytime sleep – 2 1/2 hrs (1 nap)
  • Night-time sleep – 11 hrs
  • Total sleep – 13 1/2 hrs

1-2 years (approximate range)

  • Daytime sleep – 2-3 hrs (1-2 naps)
  • Night-time sleep – 11 hrs
  • Total sleep – 11-14 hrs

tips: Bed time battles are normal. Some babies think about play time and active toddler find it hard to relax on their own. Your child may be extra clingy at this stage.

3-5 years 

  • Daytime sleep – 0-1 hrs (naps usually stop at 5 years old)
  • Night-time sleep – 10-13 hrs
  • Total sleep – 10-13 hrs

tips: Some kids resist bedtime because of the fear of missing out. They also may develop fears like fear of the dark, fear of being left alone. Be firm in enforcing bedtime and don’t give in. Use a nigh lamp to keep the room calmly lit and/ or dreamcatchers or religious images to keep nightmares away.

6-12 years 

  • Daytime sleep – no need for naps unless they get used to it
  • Night-time sleep – 10-11 hrs
  • Total sleep – 9-12 hrs

tips: There may be a lot of factors that will keep your child up at night like homework, social activities, computer use, etc. Don’t give too much soda or caffein or junk foods so they could have a good night sleep. Keep their room cozy and sleep-friendly (app TV or computer).

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“Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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