Colds & Flu Season: How to prevent the spread

Yes, it’s flu season again and our family’s got hit. Yup each one of us- from me & my husband to the 2 small kids. Hoping none of the kids will have fever. I just really don’t like the kids to get sick since they couldn’t express how they feel when they feel really bad. I can’t sleep well knowing that they’re not perfectly feeling okay- it’s a mom thing I guess. They want lots of cuddles and we give it to them. One toddler down with colds is hard enough and what more if there’s 2 kids and a husband including yourself? It gets tougher but we’re tougher 😉

In our case, it’s really hard for the children to be isolated from a virus if one of us has it. Well, I’m still hopeful next time someone in the home gets a virus, the prevention of its spread may still be possible. We still try to avoid getting each other infected when one is sick.

I hear this a lot these days – “There’s really a bug going around” and I’m like, – “yeah right, not even doctors can’t prove that.” But when we got sick, I guess it’s true and better safe than sorry.

Here are some things we do to avoid the spread of a virus especially this colds and flu season.


  1. Wash you hands always and sanitize. Try not to touch things that other people touch when you have not yet sanitized or washed your hands. Viruses do not die on surfaces.
  2. Try to avoid close contact. Wear a mask (medical masks are not expensive). They’re available in all drug stores nationwide. It helps to lessen the ease of transfer of the virus we have)
  3. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or hanky when you sneeze or cough. Viruses spread through the droplets of saliva.
  4. Try not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth since virus also spread through surfaces that an infected person touches. So best to also clean and sanitize surfaces where germs reside.
  5. Throw your used tissues properly and don’t leave them lying around. Put them in plastics or a close trash can.
  6. Avoid preparing food if you have the virus.
  7. If you have 2 rooms in the house, make one room your “sick room” temporarily. It will keep the germs and virus in one area and make sure to open the windows and sanitize still.
  8. Stay hydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water or more if you can. Water can do wonders.
  9. Drink and eat well. Avoid strenuous exercise while there’s a bug around. Eat healthy and balanced meals.
  10. Take vitamins. A little boost like more vitamin C or multivitamins daily will not harm you.
  11. Avoid getting wet in the rain even if it’s just a drizzle. Dry yourself as soon as possible if you got wet.
  12. Try to get enough rest (although it’s difficult for those with small children. But at least try).
  13. Get a flu shot yearly.
  14. Keep the home clean always.
  15. When you’re outside of the home, be mindful of those who seem to be sick- coughing and those with colds- and try to distant yourself from them.
  16. When you feel like you’re going down on something- colds or cough- get enough rest and don’t tire yourself so your body can work well to combat the virus.
  17. Stay positive and in high spirits. Sometimes if all we think is the possible of getting sick, then you can attract negative things and the virus might just get into you. Law of attraction might be at work.


Try to prevent getting sick at all times and take care of your body. Infect those around you with good habits instead of spreading the virus. Every year flu season arrives but this time I feel so affected by it since we have 2 small kids. We value our family’s health and wellbeing so much. But moms and dads, don’t overdo it to the point that you’ll isolate yourself or your child from everything and everyone. Don’t deprive them of hugs and kisses. They need it and we all need it too 🙂

“Sometimes you feel all grown up like you don’t need a mommy… Then you get the flu.”


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