4 months (Matteo)

Our baby boy’s 4 months! He’s too excited to grow up and play with his older sister. He rolled over 5 days before he turned 4 months and he’s growing up to be a cheerful, smiley, and talkative baby like his sister. Our chubby baby boy  is so big now that his clothes are already for 9-12 mos. The 6-9 mos clothes can fit but some are tight. I didn’t know pure breastfed babies can be this chubby!

He’ll start his solid food soon! Our pedia mentioned that there are studies now that the earlier we expose our babies to solid food the better. The recommendations on the introduction of solid foods to babies keep on changing through the years. Some gave their babies solid food days or several weeks after they were born and they said their babies are fine and well. At the end of the day it will be the parents who will decide what we think is best for our kids.

Our dear little boy adds so much unexplainable joy to this journey called parenthood. I can’t honestly imagine our world with one child but we had the best and wonderful times with our little girl too. The more challenging adventures will soon begin with the 2 kids growing up together. I still can’t believe they’ll be almost batchmates and no generation gap when they grow older.

I’m thankful for the blessing of having to spend every minute with both of our kids. They make mom and dad’s tiredness go away everyday in an instant.



To our dear Matteo,

Thank you for being calm most of the time and for letting mom and dad sleep when we need it the most. Thank you for sleeping through the night 90% of our days and thank you for drinking a lot of mom’s milk which is helping mom loose weight too.q

We love your adorable smiles to us and to strangers which seems to be automatic to you from the moment you open your eyes from a nap or a long sleep. We love that you love bath times too. It makes it easier for mom to bathe you and your sister everyday. We enjoy your murmurs and attempts to talk as if you’re already the same age as your sister.

You seem to be so interested in the world now. You look and stare at everything around you. Oh our boy, what other adventures await us? We can’t help but be excited now that we have a growing infant, not a newborn anymore.

Next month will be different and our Christmas and New Year too. More new things for our family soon. We love you much more than you will ever feel and know.


Here’s our little celebration cake for Matt 😊


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